Friday, April 5, 2013

Stitching day kits and old tools

I am heading away this weekend but don't have much to post about stitching progress as I have been working on a few secret projects for later in the year. I have also been making lots of kits like these for the stitching days coming up in just a week or so. There are still some places on the 20 April if you want to come. The first day is fully booked. We will be posting the pictures of the projects on Monday.
I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and will post about that next week.
Just thought I would leave you with these lovely images of Bruce's grandfather's tools. He was a builder and these were his precious tools.

 Hi made 2 of these buses for Bruce and his brother Paul.
 If you look carefully at the handle of this saw you can see Bert's name.
Best go and pack lots of stitching and even a little crochet to take away. I am hoping to get lots done.


Suedio said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Sylvia. Hope you have a lovely weekend away...

Beautiful old tools. We've got a bit of a collection going at our place too. It's really nice when they've been used by someone close to your heart!

Tash Walter said...

Happy birthday Sylvia!! Hope it was a lovely day, looking forward to hearing more about it :)