Thursday, October 24, 2013

Galong weekend

Last weekend I had the privilege of being asked to teach at the Galong patchwork retreat. It was lovely to meet some new ladies and to share a relaxing weekend away. I had 6 ladies in my class which was very realxing. They were very clever too and the new stitchers caught on very quickly. Hazel has stitched before and did finish the front of her zippered purse.
 Julie did so well and enjoyed all the hand stitching.
 Here is Pam busy stitching.
 Three of my night girls came too and had a go at all sorts of projects while they were away. Deanna had a very successful go at canvas work.
 She also made a lovely bright front to the stash bag (Remember that pattern Fiona?). The original did look quite different.
 She also had a go with a special "Squedge" ruler. You can see the block she made in the group photo below.
Linda worked on this little painted house and background and it looks lovely. Great choice of fabrics, Linda.
 Here is a closeup of Hazel's finished stitchery.
 Anita worked on this table centre....I think we did it quite a few years ago at a stitching day..... Looks great, doesn't it?
 Here are the ladies with their works in progress except for Pam who naughtily packed her work.
 Hazel worked on the painted house too as did Julie but I didn't get a picture of her cute house.
It was a very busy weekend for some of the ladies as they made whole quilt tops. There were several other teachers teaching a variety of techniques and patterns. These quilts are very effective and make a real feature of the fabric. Maggi Shingles taught this class and the ladies could also work on their own UFOs.

A couple of ladies were doing some scrap booking. Di was making these lovely Santas!
 The class next door to us, with Jennifer Gimbert, were working  on free motion applique where you stitch the appliqued pieces down with several rows of straight stitch. Looked like fun. They were working on a pattern by Monica Poole.

Some of the ladies were making quick clever quilts too. How good do these look? The one below looks like it on point but it isn't.

Kay Haerland also came to teach her amazing landscapes. I'll share some of those tomorrow.

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wow such awesome work ladies,well done.xx