Monday, July 21, 2014

Family and some progress

It has been really chilly here in Canberra but it hasn't stopped the little boys getting out and about. They were at the park with Mummy and Pa recently and had a great time playing with the leaves. I came along a little later and they were slipping themselves and their hats down the slippery dip. It is amazing how little it takes to have a happy, hilarious time when you are two!

 Yesterday we met the boys and Dad at the school park again and it was such fun to watch these two at play.

 Little Alice was there too and the boys love to see her.
 Here are a couple of recent photos. She is almost 6 weeks old so we are so looking forward to seeing some smiles soon. Supposedly she smiles at home at Mummy and Daddy!

 Last week I cut lots of fabric and bits for the kits for the retreat. They are almost ready which is good. I had some time then to do a bit of other stitching. This cushion from Lynette Anderson's Christmas book is now finished. It was fun to make. We are doing this book at class this term along with a few of my Christmas patterns so it is good to have the samples all made.

 I was very pleased to get the borders onto my Chateau Hexagon quilt. It is already for some hand quilting.
 I have also been knitting a little cardigan for Alice. Just needs the last sleeve.
A few weeks ago it was Ma's birthday and I haven't made her anything for ages. I had bought this pattern at a craft show a few years ago and thought I would make Ma a scarf. The pattern is a Wendy Williams pattern and her flowers were yellow. I had the deep red flannel so made the flowers pink.

I think I would like one of these to add to my scarf collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia boy you sure have been busy and how big your little men are now and little Alice is so adorable.Love the colours in the little cardigan you are knitting her and your cushion looks fantastic,i hope you enjoy your evening Sylvia.xx

FloS said...

Your Chateau Hexagone quilt is just splendid !! Well done Sylvia !
You are still very busy !

Suedio said...

Sylvia, it sounds like your days have been busy . . . and your stitching fingers too! Love the photo of the boys hanging over the wall . . . that is a keeper!!