Sunday, July 19, 2015

London and Alesund, Norway

We are now in Cornwall after a big day of travel yesterday. We caught the train from Harwich, very early, and then the tube to Heathrow. We went to pick up our car and the line at Hertz was so long.Two hours later we got the car and headed for Cornwall. We didn't arrive till 6.30pm. Still this is a lovely place and we are pleased to be here.
Now to go back and catch up our last two weeks.
On Friday 3 July, we ended up in London. In the afternoon we climbed the 311 steps of the Great Fire of London Tower, which was built in 1671 till 1677. The views were great and the weather was lovely too.

 We then enjoyed the warmth and walked along the Thames Pathway to St Paul's cathedral. It was amazing to see all the young workers enjoying a drink at the various pubs along the pathway.
 There is an amazing history mosaic along the Thames Pathway with a summary of British history from way back till today.

 We ended our walk near St Paul's and enjoyed seeing all the people watching the tennis behind the cathedral.

 On Saturday, 4 July, we headed to the Portebello Road market. It was fun to see all the stalls.

 There was a small haberdashery shop with so many ribbons.

 We were then returned to Harwich to return to our ship. We had a sea day on Sunday. On Monday, 6 July, we were in Alesund again. This time we caught the local bus to the Summore Outdoor Museum. Even in the rain this was so worthwhile.There were wonderful original houses from as far back as the  16th century and many from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries too. You could go into quite a few of them too.

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Meryl and Glenn said...

Have enjoyed your lovely photos. Looks like you are having a great time.