Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lerwick, Torshavn and Iceland

We are back in London after our 2 weeks in Iceland and a a few days in Norway. So good to have decent wifi and be able to blog. We have seen lots of amazing sights. We are back a little earlier as there has been illness on the ship. We head back to Harwich tomorrow for the rest of our cruise to Norway. We have had a little illness but were pretty lucky to have mild cases. Now to try to share what we have seen.
On Saturday, 20 June, we headed out to Harwich by train to join the ship.We then had a sea day till we arrived in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands on Monday, 22 June. The temperature was to be 13 deg but it felt much cooler.
 We headed off on a walk and it was freezing. I did enjoy a little look in the shops. They make lovely jumpers here! I didn't buy one but enjoyed looking.

Luckily we discovered a delightful cafe and had a delicious hot chocolate and scone! We chatted to 2 lovely English gentlemen about bird watching.
On Wednesday we were in Torshaven. It was cool here too but it is a lovely place to wander around.

On Thursday, 24 June, we visited our first port in Iceland, Djupivogur. This was a tender port and only a small place. Still it was interesting to see.

 One of this place's claims to fame is this sculpture of large stone eggs!
We missed our next port due to bad weather.On 26 June, we arrived in Reykjavik. As we had been here once before we just had a wander around the city. It was interesting to see an archeological dig happening here.

 This is the city hall.
 This tapestry done with long stitches on hessian with thick thread as quite effective.

 There were lots of expensive but lovely shops in town.

 This is their opera house which is supposed to rival ours in Sydney! I am not sure about that!


Radka said...

Scandinavia is having a great weather right now, you should be warmer! :-))

FIONA said...

Photos are beautiful Sylvia - looks like you are having a great time - hope the illness disappears and you have fine sailing for the next adventure! Enjoy xx

Lyndal said...

I feel privileged to have been able to see photos of the egg sculptures