Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flam and Bergen

On Wednesday, 15 July, we arrived in Flam. It is a gorgeous little town where you take the Flamsbana train. It is an amazing train ride with wonderful scenery. We started our visit with a walk up to a viewpoint.

 We then caught the train.
It stopped along the way to view this thunderous waterfall. As you can see from the photo it was very wet.
 We had Norwegian pancakes at the Myrdal station and then I caught the train back. Bruce decided to ride a bike down and he loved it. There are some of the sights he saw on the way down. We saw most of them from the train but the photos are much better from the bike.

 Flam had lovely touristy shops with gorgeous, expensive knitwear!
 Our last stop on our cruise was in Bergen again. We were lucky to have another lovely day here so we had a wander around.

 We looked at a couple of old churches including the Domkirken.

 We then decided to visit the Rosenkrantz tower which was really interesting. It has an amazing history.

We then had another sea day to relax before our busy day travelling on Saturday. We have been busy these last few days in Cornwall. There are so many gorgeous places to visit here.

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