Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend at the coast

We returned yesterday from a lovely weekend down the coast at Lake Tabourie for the church camp. Lots of fun, chat and good food made for a great relaxing weekend away. It did drizzle all day on Saturday but it didn't seem to matter as it was possible to remain dry. I did a little stitching, some read the newspapers, many people did jigsaw puzzles and played games and the kids just went out in the rain and had great fun anyway. Sunday was a lovely day and hubby took some great photos.

 There was some amazing frisbee action!

 The sea was so big and wild! I am not much of a swimmer but I did venture in for a while as the water temperature was good but it was so tiring as the waves were so big that there was a lot of going under them and trying to jump over them (sometimes unsuccessfully).

 There was a bit of sandcastle building fun too.
For those coming to Stitching on the Lake next Saturday, the projects we are doing can be found here. Fiona and I are looking forward to another lovely day of food and friendship. Remember to bring your favourite cup for tea and coffee.

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Meryl and Glenn said...

Thanks for that post Sylvia and great photos from Bruce.