Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunny Wellington

Our next stop was Wellington. It is supposed to be windy and cool but we came on a wonderfully sunny day with hardly any wind! How lucky were we. Even better, we were picked up by Jenny and John who have moved back to Wellington this year. It was wonderful to see them and they took us on a lovely tour of the city.Our first stop was high up on an amazing hill overlooking the city. The views were spectacular.

Here we are at the lookout.
Thanks, Jenny and John, for a great day out in Wellington.
After yummy morning tea, we went for a walk right over on the other side of the harbour and the view was wonderful. In the distance you could see snow covered mountains which are on the south island and hundreds of kilometres away!

We also visited the rose garden at the Botanical Gardens and loved seeing the plants in the greenhouse.

Lastly, we went up to another lookout.

It was a very special day thanks to Jenny and John. Hard to believe that the weather is often so windy and chilly!
Best get organised as I am off to Batemans Bay this afternoon to get ready for "Stitching on the Bay" tomorrow. I am so looking forward to a day of chatting, stitching and eating delicious food with the Bay ladies.


Patty C. said...

Beautiful photos - I really enjoyed the flowers !!

Tatkis said...

Such a wonderful photos! You are very lucky with the weather!

Best wishes,