Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fabulous Stitcher's angel parcel

It was so exciting to receive this parcel in the mail yesterday from my very generous Stitcher's angel, Gladys, from Argentina! She was so kind and made me so many lovely gifts. I was and still am overwhelmed.
This was the letter sent in Spanish! As I don't read spanish I will have to wait to catch up with my lovely translator, Marianela, so she can tell my what Gladys has said.
Gladys even included some gifts for Marianela as she helped me to translate some emails earlier on. How kind is that?
There was this lovely decoration made with felt.
There were some lovely little "smelly" parcels.
Then there were all these lovely gifts, The beautiful stitched needlecase, the scissor keeper, some threads, some gorgeous wooden buttons and some special serviettes.
And that's not all! Gladys also made this lovely bag and this great journal.
I feel so lucky and privileged to have such a special Stitcher's angel. Thank you so much, Gladys.

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