Monday, November 16, 2009

Friday's Christmas class

On Friday I had 8 lovely ladies do the first Christmas day at Hobbysew. Here they are getting straight down to work.
All the ladies painted the wooden button and some even painted several! Here are Jo and Marion painting.
One of the ladies brought along her finished biscornu, from the Stitching day, to show me. Doesn't it look wonderful? The button in the centre is just perfect.
Patricia had this absolutely beautifully beaded needlecase with her.
This is the inside. It was so neat and all perfectly labelled so you would know which needle was which! Oh, if only my needlecase looked like this.
Patricia's initials are beautifully embroidered inside the lid. I did try to suggest that they looked a little like mine! Najelle and Cathy prepared a delicious morning tea, lunch and some lovely fruit for afternoon tea. We were very spoilt.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see the ladies getting into the festive spirit.

I just love the needlecase. The labelled needles really appeals to my sense of order . . . food for thought.

Thanks for sharing.