Saturday, February 20, 2010

A useful bag and some stitching

Jenny had this very useful little bag/ pencil case with her last week. It is so clever and would be fun to make though you do have to put in a zipper. There was a very good tutorial on putting zips in at Natalie's blog. Looks quite easy compared to my memories if putting zippers into clothing many years ago. Jenny had her pencils and pigma pens in this bag.
I have been slowly stitching on the largest block in Anni Downs' book "A Gardener's Journal". I am doing this slowly this year as my own BOM and this was February's block. The rest are smaller so that's always good! I no doubt will finish all the stitching and then procrastinate about putting it together. I am off to finish putting the back together for the "World as it should be" quilt THIS afternoon, after a coffee break, of course. Then it will be off to Robyn for quilting!
For those who know my dear sister in law, Janelle, it is good to report that she came home, a little reluctantly, yesterday (which was the day after surgery) and is doing really well. We popped in to see her today and she is up and about and is quite comfortable. 

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Janelle and Richard said...

Thanks for picking me up from hospital on Friday,Sylvia. Nice to have you two drop in to see me on Saturday too.It's good to be home and I am recovering well. I'm enjoying your blog!
Janelle xx