Friday, October 16, 2020

Growing up

 Haven't posted the littlies for a while. We minded them a few times over the holidays and here are a few pictures of them.


Friday, October 9, 2020


 I thoroughly enjoyed stitching the latest block for The Santa..... by Anni Downs. I do love woven wool applique and stitching.

I also enjoyed a little cross stitch and my first small stocking is stitched. Of course it needs hair and charms and making up!
I decided to get out another old project to work on. This is United stitches designed by the talented Rosalie Dekker and I did enjoy stitching the preprinted blocks several years ago. I started to cut my Tilda scraps up into small squares to make these blocks. I am also doing 4 patches and larger blocks in between the stitcheries.
I have also stitched up the last two Christmas stitcheries from The Love and Hugs Christmas page.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 Normally I share some Floriade pictures at this time of year. Due to Covid times, the main Floriade isn't on but there are smaller ones all around the city. Here are some pictures of the flowers at Canberra Baptist Church.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Wonderful quilt

 So exciting to see Jayne's amazing quilt last week. It is so beautiful and Jayne has chosen some perfect fabrics and her needleturn applique is so lovely. The photos don't so it justice but worth seeing anyway. It is a pattern by Susan Smith called Fleur,

Roni has finished her lovely cushion with felt applique. I so want one of these. I do love how she has closed the back of the cushion!

I have been busy too. I have finally put my borders on my Stitch Therapy 365 quilt and prepared it and 3 others with backing etc to head to the quilter to be tacked or machine quilted. it is a good job done and one that I had been putting off for ages!!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Great show and tell

 So nice to be able to catch up with stitching friends here in Canberra. I feel for those in Melbourne! I should be in Victoria at a stitching retreat this week!!! Can't believe this year though Australia has done very well. I so feel for the many other countries struggling with this yucky virus. So to some lovely show and tell. Jayne has made this amazing group of gifts for a dear friend to use in her laundry! They are just so lovely.

Roni has made these wonderful cross stitch trees for Christmas. So NEED some of these.
Beth made this great pin cushion from a pattern from Kathy Schmitz.
I have stitched these Love and Hugs for Christmas stitcheries, They are good fun.

I was also inspired to make some of these woven wool felt decorations. Such fun to stitch. They are from a pattern by Kathi Campbell of Heart to Hand.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Here, There and Everywhere quilt is finished

 So exciting to share my latest finish with you. This one has been a labour of love as I have handquilted it. It has taken many hours to get this one quilted. I do love the result and so enjoyed working on it as a BOM originally. It is such a gorgeous pattern by Anni Downs. I have personalised it with extra maps of some of the lovely places we have visited (in the days when travel was possible). My colours are a bit differnt to Anni's original as I used my stash and just bought the woven wool for the applique each month.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Muddling along

 It has been freezing here over the last few days. We are definitely looking forward to Spring now! There was even a bit of snow that I didn't see yesterday. The boys and their dad did see it.

Here is a very strange activity by Jack. He is relaxing with cucumber slices on his eyes. I gather he saw this on a TV show!
I have been busy hand quilting my Here, There and Everywhere quilt finally. Very time consuming but the quilt has been keeping me warm!
I have stitched the last two Love and Hugs for Christmas blocks. Such a generous group of designers to give these patterns away for free.

Last week I received the first part of The Santa, the Tree, the Turkey and me. So exciting and I was very inspired to get stitching!

So special to catch up with stitching friends last week. Roni has wowed us all again with this amazing bunting and some more felt decorations. Seeing what everyone is doing is so inspiring.