Saturday, March 6, 2021

Stitching away

 I feel like the time flies and not much gets done but there are some slow projects on the go! My tree skirt is getting there slowly. I am not too motivated though I do like it. Anyway here are a few more houses. I know I will enjoy decorating it with stitching soon.

I have enjoyed this cross stitch sampler and it now has its beads. Needs a frame of course.
My quilts, 5 of them, have just come back from the quilter. Two were tacked for hand quilting and 3 were quilted all over.  So The Simple Life needed a label.
I have been binding the United Stitches quilt and it is nearly done.
I also started hand quilting the Stitch Therapy 365 quilt. This will take a while.
Jayne had made a gorgeous pin cushion recently. It is just lovely.
Finally....for the bird lovers, another of hubby's gorgeous pictures

Friday, February 19, 2021

A little progress

 I feel like I have been stitching but not getting very far. My cross stitch is progressing well and I have so enjoyed it that I have felt like just doing that! Doesn't matter does it? Doing what we enjoy is not a bad plan these days. I will probably be sad when it ends.

The afternoon girls have started making this Bareroots tree skirt. Here are my houses and trees so far. I had forgotten how long it takes to choose the perfect fabrics for each window etc.

Finally....I organised to take these quilts to the quilter! Some will be quilted all over and some just tacked so I can hand quilt them.....eventually!
And... another lovely little bird that hubby caught flittering around the garden.

Thursday, February 11, 2021


 As always there  has been some stitching happening. I have loved working on the Santa, the Tree.....BOM by Anni Downs. Here is block 5. I must admit that this one is my favourite!

I have also been loving working on this cross stitch too. It is a pattern from the 90s by Shepherds Bush and it has been in my stash all that time. The colours are lovely and though I need to concentrate, it is good fun! 

It was special as always to catch up with the afternoon stitching girls. Jayne has been finishing things and we were so impressed with these lovely cushions and the cute zippered pouch. Jayne is such a whiz at zippers!!!

Just a bit of nature for you, These little birds were in our garden or nearby! Great pictures by our resident photographer.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Back to school

 Luckily here in Australia, the children are able to head back to school. The excitement in our family is that little Jack started Kindergarten last week. How nice to have Old Ma here to see him start. He was rearing to go and could barely say goodbye quickly enough.

The others went too and had a happy, though tiring, week at school once again. Here are a few action shots of them in the pool in the holidays.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Lovely afternoon

 We girls headed to the Hyatt on Saturday and so enjoyed the yummy food and drink and especially the chance for a lovely chat. It was extra special to have Ma with us this time. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

A little stitching

 I have been stitching but there isn't much to show! Sometimes you really wonder what you have been doing! I have been enjoying my cross stitch so here is another stocking. Of course it needs making up but we can't rush these things.

This heart was a pattern in an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 
Caught up with the afternoon stitching girls on Wednesday and it was lovely to see Jayne's secret Santa swap gift that Paddy received. So so cute!
We had little miss on Tuesday and here she is concentrating on the television!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

A new year

 Finally, 2020 is over and we are in a new year. Not much has changed yet but we do hope that things will improve this year! So sad to hear of other countries that are having such tough times. We seem very fortunate here though there have been a few bad times over Christmas for many. Life here just goes on as normal so not too much to share with you. I can share a bit of lovely stitching from the Wednesday afternoon girls. We had our first catchup last week and it was such fun to hear everyone's news. We were so impressed with Jayne's fun project from a wonderful book,  Half Yard Bags and Purses, that she borrowed from the library. Great way to use up scraps of wool and trim.

Beth had finished her wonderful cross stitch. It looks amazing even though her thread changed colour throughout. Her older skeins were a slightly different shade but I think it adds to the charm of the piece.
I have a few bits to share, I loved stitching this pattern from Pine Trees Utah. It came out each day before Christmas like an advent calendar.
My next block for The Santa, The Tree.... came just before Christmas and it has been fun to stitch it over the first few days of this year.
My big boys are into Minecraft so here are Creeper and Steve appliqued onto shirts for them for Christmas. They were a bit tricky but they seemed pleased with the result.