Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Wonderful time away

 How exciting! Last week we flew to Maroochydore to visit our dear friends, Fiona and David. It was strange packing and even stranger getting on a plane. All went smoothly and we had a wonderful few days exploring the area, chatting and eating delicious meals. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality.

On Wednesday we headed to check out the Patchwork Angel. What a lovely shop. We also went to a lovely small town up in the hills and enjoyed lunch with a view.

On Thursday we explored Noosa. We had a delicious brunch first and wished we had our swimmers as the beach looked great. The boys went for a walk while we checked out the lovely shops in Hastings street.

On Friday we enjoyed coffee with Pete and Phillipa, who we know from the Bay. We bumped into them when we were exploring on Wednesday. We also went out for a fabulous dinner at an amazing italian restaurant.
Fiona and I enjoyed a little stitching in her beautiful sewing room.

The boys even fitted in some paddling!
Thank you so much to Fiona and David for having us in their gorgeous new home.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

This and that

 Where has April gone? We are now in autumn and even though Anzac Day is over we haven't even put our heater on! Very strange though I am not complaining. Here is a bit of autumn colour for you.

I was recently woken by a loud noise and it was this balloon just over our house!

I have been slowly using up my perle 8 threads to crochet this scarf. Good fun. Thanks Adrienne, for the great crochet pattern.

I have been also enjoying some slow stitching on these cross stitch patterns by Plum Street Samplers.

My friend Penny is so lucky. She is in France and managed to get to Nantes for the quilt show there. We were planning to go in 2020 but Covid spoilt many plans that year. Here are a few of her photos of the day.

I will finish the month off with a picture of the little miss. She is very excited today as her family has a puppy named Max.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Lunch and High tea

 It was a lovely social week last week. The Thursday group had their regular lunch at the end of the term and we celebrated Linley's 80th birthday. She is amazing for 80!

On Saturday, I was very spoilt with High tea at the Hyatt for my birthday. It is always so special to spend the afternoon eating, drinking and chatting!

We minded the boys on Tuesday and Pa took the big boys fishing while Jack went to a Circus holiday program. No fish were caught but it was a nice day for it.