Tuesday, November 15, 2022


 We headed away two weeks ago and were looking forward to a relaxing cruise to New Zealand. Sadly Covid intervened and we spend the last 6 days in our cabin. We were thankful for the balcony, the food that was delivered and that we had a fairly mild case of Covid. Still we ended up missing half the holiday. We did enjoy sailing through Milford Sound. The waterfalls were very spectacular as they had had lots of rain.

We had a lovely day in Dunedin. We hired a car and headed to the Albatross centre. The countryside was gorgeous. Afterwards we went to the Botanic Gardens to look at the wonderful rhododendrons.

On Saturday, we were in Christchurch. It was a shock to see how different the city is but they are doing amazing things to repair everything. We enjoyed seeing the "cardboard" cathedral and also what was left of the original cathedral. We were very impressed with the new library and convention centre.

After that we were isolating so here are a few shots of Sydney as we returned last Saturday.  It was a shambles getting off the ship. We had to wait such a long time and then we all walked off in a bit group anyway!!!