Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Craft Show

I had a very busy four days at the Craft show in Sydney. It was lovely working for Jane on the Bebebold stand though I think I saved some money as I didn't have as much time to shop as usual! Here are a few glimpses of the show this year. One of the guests was Cecile from France. Her work is just gorgeous.

 It is always special to catch up with lovely designers like Anni, Yvette and Lynette.

 There was a special Japanese Boro exhibition on as well. Some of the pieces were very old.

 I only had a very quick dash through the quilts. There were many beautiful ones but here are just a few.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Relaxing holiday

We enjoyed our 10 day cruise very much. It was so relaxing, the food was great and we had lovely people on our table at dinner. We also managed to form a great Trivia team and won just a couple of times! I enjoyed reading some books and some crochet and stitching. The best part was being warm for a few days before winter really hits. Today is freezing here! We also saw some lovely places and Bruce snorkeled and I did brave the water a few times. Here are some of his photos of the holiday. It was a lovely evening as we left Sydney.

 Our first port was Lifou and it was so lovely. We missed the Isle of Pines as it was too rough to tender in.

 Next we headed to Port Vila. We organised a taxi with 2 of our dinner mates, Vaughan and Lorna, and headed to the Blue Lagoon for a swim. It was chillier than last time but still good fun.

 We then took a small boat out to Erakor Resort. This was well worth doing and such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

 We had another lovely day at Mare. The water was so clear and beautiful.

 As we have been to Noumea a few times we decided to have a relax on the ship.

 Bruce got up early to get these pictures of the sail into Sydney.

I hardly took any photos but here are just 2 of the desserts. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A holiday and the craft show

Just a quick post this morning to say that I am off on a short holiday on the Sun Princess to places that are warmer than here!
Sun Princess
After that I will be in Sydney working on the BeBe Bold stand at the Craft Show. Come and say hi if you are passing by.