Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some progress

It has been lovely to have some quiet days at home to get into some sewing...especially some machining. I made the last 2 tiny pieced stars for Christmas Fun and the last block is done.
Here are all the blocks ready to be sewn together and then the borders added. I didn't like making the stars but they do look lovely in this quilt. 
 I have progressed with my SKOW quilt. Today is the last day and I have done the jeans.
 I am part way to finishing the piecing between the blocks.
 And here is the suitcase. I left the places as they were as I have been to all of them fairly recently.
I hope to do a bit more work this afternoon and start cutting the border pieces. I hope everyone has a fun New Year even if it is just at home stitching. Thanks for reading this blog during 2011 and I am looking forward to another year of friends, family, gatherings, holidays and stitching in 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spoilt and SKOW progress

I am a very lucky wife and mum and received some beautiful gifts this Christmas. Hubby gave me a gorgeous charm for my Pandora bracelet. It is the little one with a GOLD star on it. 
 The kids are great gift buyers. I received this spotty teapot which will go so nicely with my blue crockery.
 Amy, with her sister's help, finally made me a wedding album for her and Gavin's wedding. It is so lovely.

 They also gave me this great cook book and a set of Kikki K letter stamps. They will be fun to use. Lyndal stamped our initials on serviettes when we went there for an early Christmas lunch (ie a week before Christmas).
 These last few days have been fairly quiet and I am enjoying working on my Some kind of Wonderful blocks. I am almost finished the jeans and have been organising the suitcase just now. Might go and do a little appliquing soon!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas time

We enjoyed a very special few days celebrating Christmas. On Christmas eve our little family had dinner together and exchanged gifts. We enjoyed a hot meal and yummy dessert and ate far too much! 
 Even the kitten, Dexter, received a little mouse to play is really a pin cushion!

 We were all very spoilt! On Christmas day, after church, we headed to Sydney and some of us had lunch with Ma and Pa. More delicious food and a fabulous pavlova with mango! In the evening we continued to celebrate with the extended family. Here we are with Ma and Pa.
 Here are all of Deirdre and Paul's kids and wives and husbands and one husband-to-be in February.
It was so special to catch up with everyone and to share another great meal. I will need to add the photo of  all of us and the Lamonts as we didn't take those.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve

Last minute shopping was done yesterday and lots of baking ready for tonight and for Sydney. Today feels a  bit more relaxed as there is just dinner to organise for the 6 of us. We've decided to have a hot meal tonight and most things can't be done till closer to the time. I was a bit tired last night but managed to finally start my Some Kind of wonderful quilt! Only a week to go and there are lots of blocks to do but I am pleased I have begun. Might just get another block ready today!
 Hope you are all ready for Christmas. I just love this gorgeous mat (not sure I am brave enough to put a hot dish on it!) that I was given as a gift by a dear friend. It looks very complicated!
 The gifts are wrapped!
 The baking is done...shortbread, florentines, truffles, peppermint crisp meringues and there are lots of goodies in the pantry, probably too many.
Have a very happy and relaxed Christmas enjoying your families and friends.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is so soon!

Just a few more pictures before Christmas comes! I wrapped a few gifts this morning and will bake a bit this afternoon and then should be fairly ready. We will celebrate on Christmas eve with our little family and then head to Sydney to party on with Ma and Pa and the rest of the family on Christmas Day. Hope all your preparations are going well! 

I finished a bit of secret stitching yesterday and it is good to know that that is done!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Santa and gifts

Barbara had this amazing Santa to share on Tuesday. He is stitched on the embroidery machine and he is so special. I did try to steal him but failed!
 Went to a special dinner last night with the Friday stitching girls and received a lovely Secret Santa gift from Maree. These tiny little dolls fitted perfectly in my old printer's tray. Don't look too closely as you can actually see the dust!
 There was also a decoration and a lovely pattern in the gift!
 I  have been stitching a little and have been making these decorations from a pattern by Marg Low.
 I also made this little cushion for a friend to send away using a pattern from one of my favourite Nancy Halverson books.
 Can't finish a post without a few more Christmas pictures. Here is my Crazy Christmas quilt hanging up for its' first Christmas.
 This wall is where I hang some of my favourite embroideries.
Hope you are all getting organised now! Not much cooking happening here yet! Maybe this afternoon.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yummy lunch and more decorations

It is raining and dull here today but last Thursday was a beautiful day. We had a delicious lunch at Marion's in Tuggeranong on her deck and it was warm! 

 Dessert was an array of delicious goodies!
 The view was amazing.
 Here are two of my favourite Christmas quilts.

 Here is a tree with some cute little bears.
What a lovely time of year. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Lyndal and Nick's place on Sunday and then sang carols at "Carols in the Park" which became Carols in the church courtyard due to a little rain. Must get some bits and pieces finished, wrap some gifts and cook some goodies!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas decorations

Christmas is close now! Here are a few more decorations. Here is the tree collection.
 Some favourite special decorations always go on this tree.
 These ones are new this year. This little picture came from Hatched and patched.
 These little wooden decorations were bought in Rothenburg, Germany.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gorgeous quilt and a party

Paddy brought in her "Sunny Days" quilt to show us on Wednesday. It is so beautiful and she has done such a fantastic job of the needleturning! It is beautifully quilted too by Robyn.

 We had our night class party here on Wednesday and it was lovely. Such a nice evening of friendly chat and delicious food. So sorry that Barbara, Anita and Margot couldn't be with us. My photos are a bit blurry but nice to share them anyway.

Thought it was time to share a few Christmassy pictures too. It is all similar to the years before but still nice to see all the friendly Santas each year.
 This metal tree is one of my favourites and it is fun to put some special decorations on it each year.