Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful...finished!

My Some Kind of Wonderful quilt is finished! The binding was stitched down on the weekend.

 I have also added the label and used one of Anni's label patches. It matches the quilt perfectly.
I have just made the deadline for the Stitch-a-long! Whew!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Precious boys

We popped round to see the little boys yesterday and their Pa took some lovely pictures of them.

Aren't they just gorgeous? Even better, they slept from 8pm till 5am last night! Mummy and Daddy were very pleased!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful is quilted

It was such a thrill to go and collect my 'Some Kind of Wonderful' quilt from Robyn yesterday and to see her beautiful quilting. She has done a gorgeous job, as always! The quilting adds so much to the quilt.
 Here are a few closeups.

Now to get that binding on!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vignette and classes

It was so nice to pick up the latest copy of Vignette. It is full of lovely articles, projects and the last blocks of the Vignette quilt.
 But most exciting was an article about Urban stitches with some photos of the days and....
 there was a photo of the table of ladies that Fiona and I sat with on Saturday! How special is that!
 We had a lovely time at class yesterday and Karen had put together her top for My Town. It looks so fantastic!
 Lynn has been busy too and has made this very handy needle keeper with pockets for all the various packets of needles that we all need.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Classes and the Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition

Classes started again last week and it was great to catch up with all the ladies again. Karen has been working on her BOMs and has done a wonderful job. Here is her own centre for the My Town quilt. Hasn't she done a great job?
 She has also been working on this beautiful quilt and has finished four more blocks!

 Paddy and I went to the Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition on Friday and there were so many beautiful pieces on display. Here are just a few.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wonderful Celebration

Sixty years ago on the 18th October, this gorgeous couple were married. It was so special to head up to Sydney to celebrate with a lovely lunch at the Lugarno restaurant right on the river. Here are Ma and Pa on their wedding day. 

 Here they are on Saturday. They are such special people and we have all been so blessed to have them in our lives over the past many years. It was especially good for Pa to be able to be there and to be feeling OK as he has had a few health issues recently.
 Deirdre, their youngest daughter, had done a wonderful job organising the flowers, the cake and many other special touches.

 The food was delicious.
 We then took a few pictures with the river behind. Here are Ma and Pa with their children.
Here they are with their children and the wives and husbands (except for Rick).
 We then went back to Ma and Pa's place and Ma got out her wedding dress. She was so tiny when she was married!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stitching and little boys

Finally, some stitching progress. I did read a lot on holidays but did enjoy some stitching too. I was trying to keep up with my many UFOs! I stitched another set of borders for one of the lower corner blocks of Vignette.

 I worked on about 9 of these stars for Scandinavian Christmas.
 For a break from stitching, I stitched this lovely scissor keeper. I made one a while ago as a gift and wanted one for me.
 I have put it together now.
 I so enjoyed the canvas work that I made this lovely pin cushion. It is one Fiona designed for one of our stitching days.

 I also stitched these pieces for 2 of the projects in "The Simple Life". We are working on the book this term in class so I need to make some samples.

 I bought this stitchery and the gorgeous wreath one recently and enjoyed working in my favourite red, DMC 221.
 Lastly, here are the precious boys. They had grown and changed so much while we were away.  We have been enjoying seeing them lots since we came home. Here is Benny.

 Here is little Sammy. He still has all that gorgeous hair!