Friday, February 28, 2014

Stitching Cruise - Sydney to Wellington

What an amazing two weeks! I am now home after a wonderful time away with Needlework Cruises. It was such a special treat to be invited to teach on this cruise. Fiona and I met up with lots of luggage at the International Terminal to board. We left on 13 February on Voyager of the Seas. Hubby took some lovely pictures of this very large ship. Makes the Harbour bridge look little!

Here is a photo I took once on board. The whole trip was great fun and we were mostly very fortunate with the weather and the seas. There was some "motion in the ocean" as described by the captain from Milford Sound to Hobart. For the rest of the time it was lovely and flat!
 One of the things that made this trip such fun were the wonderful friendships we have made. I must admit there are lots of photos of the lovely ladies we met and lots of photos of us stitching, shopping and eating! We did still teach for 5 days and those were busy days but we certainly made the most of all the other time available to us.

 Here are some of us (we shared a table at dinner too) at the welcome function for the Needlework part of the cruise.
 Just a few photos of the ladies stitching and Fiona teaching on one of the class days.

 The food was very good on this cruise and it was so hard to eat less!!! This lemon meringue tart was delicious.
 Our first stop was in Auckland and some of us went to an amazing embroidery and wool shop called The Ribbon Rose. It was a beautiful, inviting shop and well worth a visit if you are in Auckland. There were gorgeous displays everywhere and a huge range of threads, wool, books and patterns/kits.

 The owner and staff were so lovely and even offered us a coffee. I did manage to spend a bit here!
 We then headed to Taurunga and Fiona and I did an excursion to Rotorua. The first stop was Kiwi 360 where they grow kiwi fruit.

 We thought the BIG kiwi fruit was worth standing in front for fun! Here is Daisy lounging in front of it.

 Can't go to Rotorua without seeing the amazing hot springs.
 This is the Rotorua Museum. We didn't have time to visit it but the building is gorgeous.
 We then headed to Rainbow Springs. In this pool you can see the trout swimming, if you look carefully.

 We also visited another lovely patchwork shop, called Cottage Flair. Lots to see and buy at this shop.

 Here is another selection of desserts!
 We then visited Napier in the afternoon. It was nice to see the Art Deco buildings and to have a coffee in town.

 Here we are again...this time on Deck 14, enjoying some stitching time.
 Our next stop was Wellington and we headed to Nancy's shop. This was another gorgeous shop. Lovely fabrics, wool and patterns here too.

 We then walked back to the ship and had a drink and some nachos (we really didn't need any food but it was very good).

We were very blessed with lovely warm weather in all these ports. I packed my warmer things but didn't need them at all!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some progress and cruising

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stitching show and tell and a little progress

Had a lovely night stitching with friends last Thursday and it was very motivating to see what everyone is working on. Audrey has been very busy and has stitched this gorgeous design by Anni Downs and has filled in the stars, moon, cat and owl! Looks great.
 This cute little cross stitch was worked over one strand. Such tiny stitches!
 I have been stitching a bit too. I have now stitched the 8th block of Chateau Hexagon. I hope to add it to my quilt soon.
 Here is a closeup! Thanks Lynette for all those satin stitch flowers!
The other job to do is to get packing as we are off on the stitching cruise on Thursday. I have managed to fit all the kits and patterns and samples into one suitcase.....and it closes! Now to pack my clothes etc. Getting very exciting now!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A little stitching

Finally the kits are done and I am ready for the cruise and for a few other things later on in the term. I have been enjoying getting a few bits and pieces ready to stitch in any spare time on the stitching cruise. This My Town block is fused on and ready to applique and embroider (finally). I have also traced a few other bits to take with me. I don't mind if they don't get done but I wouldn't want to be without some stitching!!!
 I have managed to finish this block of Scandinavian Rose. There was a lot of red stitching on this block!
 I also did a little cutting for my Vignette quilt. I would so like to get this one finished and off to Robyn, my wonderful quilter.
Paddy came to stitching today with this great quilt she has made for a fund raiser that her daughter is involved in. The fabrics are Canteen scarves from recent years so Paddy sewed them together to make the front.
 Then she sewed some more for the back.
 Robyn very kindly quilted it all. Looks very good! Well done Paddy and Robyn!