Monday, April 29, 2019


We have enjoyed a lovely break away in Geelong. Our friends were house sitting and we stayed with them. It was fun to explore this lovely city. The area near the water is particularly lovely and I especially enjoyed the bollards.

While the boys golfed, Annemarie and I wandered (it was quite a walk for me) to town and back via Lily Pond Geelong. This is an a amazing shop full of wonderful goodies.

 On the way back home we walked along the beach and found some more bollards and a train.

A highlight of the visit was going to Barwon Heads. This is the little town where Seachange was filmed in the late 90's. I loved that series so really enjoyed seeing it. We also had a delicious lunch at the cafe on the pier.

 We then explored a few other places on our way home.

On another golf day, we went to Torquay. It was so special to visit Amitie Textiles as I follow them on Instagram and so wanted to see the shop. It was amazing and the cafe was great too.

 So special to catch up with Karen as well! We met when I was on retreat in Gisborne last year.
 I loved the colourful hand quilting on this quilt.
It was a lovely time away but it is always nice to be home again. Melbourne is so far away.....when you drive.

Monday, April 22, 2019

A finish and progress....

Finally finished Scandinavian Rose. I did love doing these red stitcheries but there were many of them! So good to have this quilt completely finished. I hand quilted it (not very well but it is holding together) and have added a label.

 I have also been keeping up with Stitch Therapy 365.

 I enjoyed playing with my new ball winder and wound my first skein of wool. So much quicker that rolling the ball by hand.
 On Saturday I headed to the Folk Festival and enjoyed some great music and yummy food. It is always a good day out.

 The Spooky men are always so good!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Quilts and shopping

Of course I didn't NEED anything but I couldn't resist. Such fun seeing all the stalls and lovely quilts. Here is what I bought. The hoop is a French General one and I am still getting used to it but it is good. I have just as much trouble getting the spring on as I do with the little flexi hoops!

 Here are a selection of the quilts. This one was my favourite. I just love the yarn dyed fabrics.

 This was a self portrait competition. They are very clever.

 Christine Lethlean had a very lovely display of her work and her student's work. They were just amazing.