Sunday, August 23, 2020

Muddling along

 It has been freezing here over the last few days. We are definitely looking forward to Spring now! There was even a bit of snow that I didn't see yesterday. The boys and their dad did see it.

Here is a very strange activity by Jack. He is relaxing with cucumber slices on his eyes. I gather he saw this on a TV show!
I have been busy hand quilting my Here, There and Everywhere quilt finally. Very time consuming but the quilt has been keeping me warm!
I have stitched the last two Love and Hugs for Christmas blocks. Such a generous group of designers to give these patterns away for free.

Last week I received the first part of The Santa, the Tree, the Turkey and me. So exciting and I was very inspired to get stitching!

So special to catch up with stitching friends last week. Roni has wowed us all again with this amazing bunting and some more felt decorations. Seeing what everyone is doing is so inspiring.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Knitting and stitching

On this freezing, rainy day, it is nice to catch up here on the blog. I don't know where the last few weeks went to. Ma came to visit last a few weeks ago and it was lovely to see her. We went out a bit but I didn't take many photos. Here is just one of lunch at the outlets.

 I have been busy knitting over the last few weeks and have done a little stitching. Here is my cardigan blocking and two more of the Love and Hugs stitcheries.

I have also caught up with a few of my stitching friends and it was a delight and an inspiration to see what they have been making. This gorgeous crochet is Adrienne's new scarf project and it is in perle 8 thread. Amazing!
Roni has been busy too. I just love these felt decorations. She also made this wonderful bag and pouch!

Jayne has been made this delightful bag. It is a pattern by Gail Pan.

Beth has just had her wonderful Anni Downs' quilt professionally quilted. It looks amazing!