Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lovely Stitching and little boys

Great to see the stitching girls at Hobbysew yesterday. Coralee has finished her stitching box from the retreat and has done a wonderful job. Here is the top.
 Coralee changed the sides a little and the whole project looks wonderful! It also fitted all her stitching bits and pieces inside.

 Josie has been very busy too. She has just finished this great Christmas quilt for her daughter. What a lucky girl!
 We managed to see the little boys on Saturday even though I was still coughing a little. Now hubby has the dreaded lurgy so we haven't seen them since just in case. They are growing so well. Ben is over 4 kgs now which is amazing.

 Little Sam is 3.5 kgs now and doing well. It is such hard work with 2 precious babies. Mummy and Daddy are coping very well.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Some stitching

I have been trying to get a little stitching done in between a few busy weekends. I had appliqued the flowers on blocks 6 and 7 of the Vignette quilt and then it took quite a while to add all the embroidery. 
 I am also trying to keep up with my SKOW quilt so here are the last 3 blocks all appliqued and stitched! I hope to add the patchwork this weekend so that my top will be ready for August!

 We didn't end up having classes this week but I managed to catch up with a few of the ladies on Wednesday. Diane has been very busy and has finished her bag from the Tis the Season book.
 She had also finished her little canvas work scissor keeper. They both look great.
I am battling a coughing lurgy at the moment which is very irritating!!!! Hope it goes away soon. I can't go near the little grandies with a cough!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sam and Ben have visitors

We have had a very special weekend with Ma and Pa coming to visit Sam and Ben and us too! Paul and Jeni brought them to Canberra and it was great to have everyone here on Saturday. Aunty Janelle and their family and Miriam and Matt and their kids came too. It was busy but fun to have everyone visiting. The little fellows were the main attraction.

 Ma and Pa went over to Amy and Gavin's place for lunch and had some more cuddles.
 And just a few more cute pictures of the boys!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ben and Sam come for dinner

We usually have family dinner on Monday nights and last Monday our little grandies came to visit! It was lovely to have them here for family dinner. Here is little Ben who is now more than 3 1/2 kilos!

 Little Sam is growing too and is about 3.2 kgs which is very good. Here he is with Auntie Lyndal.
 The little hand near Sam belongs his brother. I think he wanted to hit Sammy in head!
They were supposed to go back to sleep but stayed awake and we were able to have cuddles. Ma and Pa and several others family members are coming to Canberra to see the boys today. Best go and get organised!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A few more pictures of Stitching in the Hills

We were very lucky to have Stephanie from Moruya come with lovely goodies from her shop. It was fun to do a little shopping.
 There was some lovely show and tell and it was nice to see what the ladies have been making lately. Jeanette had lots of show and tell but I did love these little birds from a recent Homespun magazine.
 This is little felt biscornu is gorgeous too.
 Gwen was using this lovely crazy patchwork needlecase. The embroidery on it was beautiful.
 Audrey has been very busy and has finished 2 of the projects in the new Anni Downs' book. I have kits for these too and so want to get started! This is the stitching bag.
 This is the larger bag. Well done Audrey!
 Brenda had this lovely bag with her and she used the picture we made with the painted button to decorate the bag. What a great idea.
It was very interesting to see Beth's version of my cushion using red DMC 115. I rather like it in red! There was also a blue and a green one, I think.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stitching in the Hills

This was just a little of the view out over the hills at Warrambui. It was definitely "stitching in the hills". Quite a few ladies went for walks in the surrounding hills. I was lazy and enjoyed a sit and stitch instead!
 In the evening we decided to be comfy so got into our pyjamas before dinner! It was great fun and everyone joined in. The bubbles helped!
 Don't you just love these bow ties!

 Here we are with all the girls from the Bay.
 It was Shirley's birthday on Sunday so it was lovely to make a fuss of her. The centre put candles on the morning tea cake and then her dear friends, Lynne and Maree came for lunch. They brought a delicious mud cake with them so we were 'forced' to eat some more!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Stitching in the Hills

Can't believe it is Monday and our lovely stitching weekend is all over! We had a great time with the 64 ladies who came for a weekend of relaxation and stitching. We had two beautiful sunny days to enjoy at Warrambui. No cooking, cleaning or washing up for us! Here we all are.
Fiona and I prepared 2 projects with full kits for the ladies to work on. They could really do whatever they wanted over the weekend and some completed some of their other projects.  Fiona created this wonderful sewing box.

I stitched this cushion using a beautiful soft variegated thread on hanky linen.
We had a bit of a pink theme. The bags were very pink....check out Fiona's car full of the bags.
We had little pink flowers as the table centre too.
Here are the ladies happily stitching.
Fiona had coloured her button with pencils. Here is Jill enjoying a bit of colouring in.
It was even warm enough to sit outside for morning tea.
Sue and Paddy enjoying the sunshine.
The scones for morning tea were delicious!
We also enjoyed some chocolates and lollies though we really didn't need them as there was plenty of food!