Monday, December 30, 2013

Stitching and boys

New year is fast approaching. I must get going on some sewing, especially the old Wisps, as it would be lovely to see them finished early next year. I have been cutting fabric for my cruise is in February but time does fly! Here are just a few more Christmas pictures. This gorgeous chocolate goodie was given to Ma for Christmas and it looked and tasted great. Might have to try to make one of these next year.
 The family gave me a charm for my Pandora bracelet. How lovely are these scissors? We were spoilt at Christmas.
 I have been stitching a few more of these pictures from Anni Downs' panel . They are such fun to stitch. I have one more to do and then I must get onto some other sewing. I think I might put some of these into a long thin hanging.

The little men are on holidays at the coast at the moment. Not sure it is much of a holiday for Mum and Dad but it is still a break. We headed down on Saturday for a visit.
 We went to Candlagon Creek where we used to go a lot when our children were small! Lovely to see the boys playing in the sand and checking out the water.

 We also popped over to see Deirdre and Paul and their family at their camp site. Sammy loved exploring the tents!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

We headed to Sydney for Christmas lunch. Thanks to Deirdre and Paul, we had a lovely meal and afternoon enjoying Christmas day. All our family came so it was great to enjoy the little men again. Of course they have the most photos. We did manage to get one of our family and also Deirdre and Paul's family too as they arrived to enjoy another meal in the evening. We headed back to Ma and Pa's and Bruce and I also popped over to see my brother and his wife and some of his family. Here we all are. The smiles are really good as Uncle Paul decided to act like a crazy man behind the camera!
 It was lovely to get some photos of this little family too.

 Pa managed the day fairly well but it does wear him out. Ma, of course, enjoyed it all.
 Here are Deirdre and Paul and their lovely family all back together again as some have been travelling recently. So special to meet little Joshua for the first time!
 The little boys had a lovely time and were very busy as usual. Great to have lots of young helpers, like Emma, to keep them amused. Benny loved seeing his reflection in the spoons.

 There were presents too!

 Sammy enjoyed trying out Pa's walking stick!
It was a very special Christmas day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas eve

It's Christmas Eve and we have already had some of our family celebrations. We head off to see Ma and Pa and some of the extended family tomorrow.We hope you have a very special Christmas full of happiness and that 2014 is a year of joy for you and your family. Thanks for coming to visit my blog this year and for the lovely comments too.
 Here are a few of the gifts I have finished over the last few weeks. There were some secret Santa swaps to prepare for and here are some of the gifts. I have been mostly stitching pictures from Anni Downs' lovely panel.

On Sunday night we had a busy evening celebrating Christmas with Janelle and Richard and their family. Sammy and Lois had a wonderful time chasing each other around the house! There were some lovely cuddles too.
Phoebe is on the move too but in a much quieter fashion!

 Benny was gorgeous too though he isn't walking too far yet though is managing some steps.
 Then last night we had our little family Christmas which was busy but a delight too. The little men were just lovely. The gift giving was so quick so we could give the little boys their dinner. I do remember Christmases like that years ago with all the littlies.

 Sammy enjoyed wearing the ribbons.

I am a bit more relaxed now as I just need to pack and organise a bit of food for tomorrow.
Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas preparations, a gorgeous gift and little visitors

Today Lyndal and I headed into Civic for a little Christmas shopping. We had a lovely time getting a few needed gifts and I managed to buy a dress!!! Very hard usually for me to find one that fits and today I found 2. Am beginning to think I should have bought the second one as well. We just had to stop for a coffee and some scones and these were the decorations nearby.

 I was very spoilt on Thursday when Fiona visited as she gave me this gorgeous, framed stitchery for Christmas. I just love it and have just the right place for it once the decorations come down.
 This saying is so true! Friends are so special.
 This afternoon I think I have finished wrapping all the gifts.
 When we arrived home, we were so pleased to see little Benny and Sammy visiting. I had bought this Little People nativity a while ago and it was fun to get it out for them to play with.
 They had been for a swim and as it was hot they just had their nappies on. So cute!!

They enjoyed a lovely rumble with Mum and with Pa.

 Then it was time to do a little preparation for the next few days. This chocolate slice is a beauty....thanks Janet.
Must make a bit more shortbread but probably have enough for tomorrow.
 The peppermint crisp meringues are baking right now!
I think dinner tonight will be very easy as there is lots of eating to be done in the next few days!