Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas eve

It's Christmas Eve and we have already had some of our family celebrations. We head off to see Ma and Pa and some of the extended family tomorrow.We hope you have a very special Christmas full of happiness and that 2014 is a year of joy for you and your family. Thanks for coming to visit my blog this year and for the lovely comments too.
 Here are a few of the gifts I have finished over the last few weeks. There were some secret Santa swaps to prepare for and here are some of the gifts. I have been mostly stitching pictures from Anni Downs' lovely panel.

On Sunday night we had a busy evening celebrating Christmas with Janelle and Richard and their family. Sammy and Lois had a wonderful time chasing each other around the house! There were some lovely cuddles too.
Phoebe is on the move too but in a much quieter fashion!

 Benny was gorgeous too though he isn't walking too far yet though is managing some steps.
 Then last night we had our little family Christmas which was busy but a delight too. The little men were just lovely. The gift giving was so quick so we could give the little boys their dinner. I do remember Christmases like that years ago with all the littlies.

 Sammy enjoyed wearing the ribbons.

I am a bit more relaxed now as I just need to pack and organise a bit of food for tomorrow.
Happy Christmas everyone!!!

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