Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gorgeous growing boys

I haven't shared the little mens' pictures for a while. They are growing up so much and changing all the time. I missed out on some of the fun due to work etc but thankfully Pa was there with his trusty camera. Sammy is walking and running everywhere but Benny is taking his time. He can now stand without holding on though I haven't seen it yet! They are having a very special time at the moment with their Perth Grandma and Grandpa so we haven't seen them as much lately. These pictures were taken over the last few weeks. These were a visit to our place.

 We had a little trip up to the Arboretum for lunch and the boys had a little play in the wonderful playground there. It is a bit too hard for them yet but will be great soon! Benny wasn't too sure about the swing.

 We were nearly thrown out of the Bonsai exhibition as I let Benny touch the little trees (very naughty!) and then they played havoc with the little stones!
 Benny had a very special little visit with Pa recently while Sammy had a haircut. He enjoyed the one on one time and having everything to himself.

 Sammy watching TV!
 They had a  really lovely play in the pool recently too while I was at work.Benny loved it especially.

 We caught up with them on Monday and they now slide down the slippery dip. They just need 3 adults to get them up to the top, to help them go and to catch them at the bottom! Luckily there were 5 of us.

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Anonymous said...

so nice Sylvia to see pics of the boys,they sure are growing fast,such special times spent with your grandies,thankyou for sharing.xx