Monday, March 17, 2014

Last few days in Hong Kong

The bags are packed again and this afternoon we are heading to the Volendam cruise ship to continue our adventures. Hong Kong has been very interesting and busy so a few restful days at sea sound good. On Saturday we took the ferry to Cheung Chau, which is a small island and is supposedly how Hong Kong was in the 1950s. It was interesting to see a quieter place.

 That afternoon we headed back to Hong Kong and caught the tram to look at a few other areas of the city. On Sunday we went on an amazing local bus ride to Stanley. It was very steep in places and the double decker bus went quite quickly! We did check out the markets and then had a wander along the waterfront.

 This band was setting up so it was interesting to listen to a little of the music. It is so different to what we are used to.
 The Hong Kong Flower show was on this week so we went on Sunday evening to have a look. It was the last night and there were lots of displays and many people. The crowds just loved it and there were many photos taken!

We had a little bit of time this morning so went on the tram in a different direction. It is so interesting to see all the different shops and the tram is a nice slow way to look at the sights. Not sure when I will be able to blog again as we will be on the ship. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hong Kong

One of the evenings we wandered around the area near our hotel and the market stalls were fascinating!

We caught the Star ferry a few times over to the mainland. We headed that way after our visit to the Peak.
 The galleries and Museums are on the mainland so we finally made it to the History Museum. We eally enjoyed the Folk Culture section. Lovely to see the embroidered clothing. This hat has 3D birds on it.

After lots of walking it was very special to come to High Tea at the Peninsular Hotel. Gorgeous surroundings and very yummy food.

 On Friday we headed to the Nan Lian Gardens and the Chi Lin Nunnery. This was a lovely place to have a wander about.

We then headed back to the Mid level escalators and rode the escalators for ever and ever till we reached the Mid Level area. It was a very unusual experience.
 We then attempted to head back down and eventually, after a fair bit of walking, found the zoo and the Botanical Gardens. An icecream was definitely needed after all that walking downhill!
We have also had some adventures riding on these double decker trams.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hong Kong

We have had a very interesting few days in Hong Kong. It is a fascinating place and we have managed to ride on lots of different forms of public transport and have seen some great sights. On Tuesday we walked a lot and rode the star ferry to try and visit the History Museum. Sadly it was closed on Tuesdays so we headed to the lady markets instead. We have tried lots of different food too which has been very interesting.

On Wednesday we took the Turbojet Ferry to Macau. We ended up going on the Hop on Hop off bus which was a good way to see the sights easily. It was very interesting to see the old Portuguese centre, the ruins of St Paul's and the Mount Fortress. 

The sun shone a little on Thursday so we took the opportunity to go to the Peak so see the view. It was very spectacular. Even the local bus trip was well worth the ride! We came back down on the Peak Tram which was quite an experience. The photo doesn't do it justice but it was very steep!

 These primary boys were asking tourists about themselves and what they liked about Hong Kong. Their english was very good and it was fun to answer their questions.
 This is the very steep peak tram.