Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lovely weekend in Bundanoon

Last weekend, after just 2 nights in my own bed, we headed to Bundanoon for a family get together. We headed up in Saturday morning as we went to see an Agatha Christie play in Canberra. It was well done and quite a new experience. This gorgeous house was where we were were staying in Bundanoon.

 Ma and Pa and all their children and wives and husbands stayed overnight.

 On Saturday, some of the grandchildren and great grandchildren came to visit. It was fun to have lots of the family together like this.
 Here are the great grandies that managed to come....Braxton, Joshua, Phoebe, Sophie, Lois and Noah.

 Little Joshua turned one this week so we celebrated a little with him on Saturday
His Aunty Sarah made him a gorgeous birthday cake.
 Little Sammy and Benny didn't come last weekend but it was lovely today as they came over for brunch. We will miss them very much as we are heading off overseas on Monday. (Again!!!! I know, I am a bit spoilt!)

The bags are almost packed again. I hope I will be able to post while I am away. Best get some more stitching packed and do the last bit of ironing!


Suedio said...

Sylvia, I hope you've managed to get in lots of cuddles and fun with the boys this week. Wishing you safe travels, good stitching and a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

lovely pics Sylvia,safe travels my friend and hope you have an awesome time.xx

Janelle said...

Great pictures. Good memories. It was a lovely weekend together.

Janelle said...
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