Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cartier at the NGA

Last week, Paddy and I headed to the National Gallery to see the Cartier Exhibition. It was well worth the visit with many rooms of amazing "bling" as well as historical pieces and famous ones too. There is even a room devoted to the jewellers and their equipment and methods. My photos don't do the pieces justice but here are a few.

 There were even beautiful cards that were created for invitations and celebrations.
 We especially liked the amazing embroidery and beading on this gown.

At the end of the exhibition there was a room showcasing the jewels of famous people like Grace Kelly and Wallis Simpson. It was all quite amazing.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


There has been a little progress on my various projects recently as well as a few starts! Many years ago I started stitching some half inch liberty hexagons and they were safely stored away till last week. I had always planned to create a mini dilly bag inspired by the ones I made using Judy Newman's beautiful pattern. Here it is! It is very small and fairly useless but I love it anyway!
 I have popped into the sewing room to start piecing my Simple Life blocks too. Here is the first block and some nine patches.
 I have been working on these lovely Christmas stitcheries by Marg Low.

 Just the other day I started this lovely little pencil case. I bought the kit in Melbourne recently so it was easy to just start as it was all printed and ready to go. It is a very special pattern by Anni Downs and is all hand stitched!
 Nice to catch up with Roni at stitching last week and we all admired her cute Clips bag! What a good idea.
 Roni was also working on this cute little stitchery by Anni Downs. Must trace a couple of these to make. The pattern was a free one offered a while ago.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lovely work

It was our last class for term 1 on Wednesday and as always, it was so inspiring to see what the ladies have been making. Roni has been so busy and showed us her gorgeous knitted baubles! She managed to knit them over a foam ball which maked them lovely and round.
 Roni had also just finished this cute mug rug.
 Lynne had more gorgeous cross stitch to show us.
 In the evening, Barbara brought in this beautiful gift for a very lucky baby. Her knitting is so perfect and she has even embroidered on the little singlet.

 Lovely to catch up on Saturday with Heather and she has designed and made this wonderful little purse. It is reversible and the back of each hexagon has a grub rose embroidered on it. We all wanted to learn how to do this!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Shopping and on to golf!

After the exciting time in Melbourne, I flew home and repacked in about 10 minutes and headed to Barooga near Cobram for a few days of golf!!! Not me playing golf....of course! But first here are my goodies from AQC. I didn't buy heaps as there is so much already in my sewing room but couldn't resist a bit of shopping. Homespun had a good deal where you bought 2 mags and the 2018 Tilda calendar so had to have that. I love looking at the Tilda pictures each month.

 We then drove for 5 and a half hours back to Victoria. The boys played golf on Monday and Tuesday and we ladies went out on Monday morning to Rich Glen Olive Oil for some morning tea and shopping. It was such a gorgeous house and lovely gardens.

 In the afternoon we went for a walk along the Murray river.

On Tuesday afternoon we headed home and were very slowed down by hundreds of steers and cows (and horses and goats) grazing along the road. We really were in the country.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

AQC in Melbourne

I have just had a lovely weekend away in Melbourne. Good friends, yummy food and a quilt show! The only disappointment was the airbnb which was very grubby! We managed to live in for the 3 nights and still had a good time but it spoilt things a little. We flew down on Thursday and enjoyed an afternoon of shopping etc.

 On Friday we headed to the AQC at the lovely Exhibition buildings.

 So special to catch up with Pete and Anni from Hatched and Patched and Kelli from Cutting Cloth.

 Lovely to see Rose working on Helen Stubbings' stall too.
Audrey and I enjoying the shopping!
 There were wonderful stalls and it was great to see all the quilts too. You know that I have been making this quilt! This may motivate me to get moving on it.
 There were some absolutely amazing quilts. Here are just a few.

On Saturday, a few of us headed on the train to Cutting Cloth, which is a gorgeous shop. It even has chandeliers.

Even the bathroom is gorgeous.

We then headed back into the city of a little more shopping and also a visit to the Art Gallery. We enjoyed two delicious meals in the lanes and one wonderful Japanese meal. We then flew home on Sunday.