Sunday, April 22, 2018


There has been a little progress on my various projects recently as well as a few starts! Many years ago I started stitching some half inch liberty hexagons and they were safely stored away till last week. I had always planned to create a mini dilly bag inspired by the ones I made using Judy Newman's beautiful pattern. Here it is! It is very small and fairly useless but I love it anyway!
 I have popped into the sewing room to start piecing my Simple Life blocks too. Here is the first block and some nine patches.
 I have been working on these lovely Christmas stitcheries by Marg Low.

 Just the other day I started this lovely little pencil case. I bought the kit in Melbourne recently so it was easy to just start as it was all printed and ready to go. It is a very special pattern by Anni Downs and is all hand stitched!
 Nice to catch up with Roni at stitching last week and we all admired her cute Clips bag! What a good idea.
 Roni was also working on this cute little stitchery by Anni Downs. Must trace a couple of these to make. The pattern was a free one offered a while ago.

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