Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ma comes to visit

We have had a lovely time with "Old" Ma this weekend. It was so special to have her here. The great grandies have enjoyed seeing her. Ma even came to school to do reading each morning this week. Not sure how many great grandmothers come along to read. Sam wasn't being cooperative but here are a few pictures anyway.

 We have had quite a few outings especially for morning tea. The light was bad but here are a few at "avocados", really Ricardos,, with Miss Alice.
 It was also lovely that Aunty Deirdre (and Paul) were here in Canberra at the same time so we enjoyed time with her as well.
 The three of us had a lovely morning tea at the Hyatt!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Canberra Craft show

Last Friday, a few of us headed to the Canberra Quilt and Craft Show. It is a small show but it was still a nice day out checking out the stalls and the quilts. I didn't NEED anything but still bought a few things....some applique glue, a cross stitch pattern and some linen. A few liberty fabrics came home with me too. My favourite stall was Cutting Cloth from Melbourne. It is such a beautiful stall and shop. I just took some pictures of the quilts This one was my favourite.

 I did like this sashiko/boro one as well. There were many gorgeous ones.

This quilt was originally a beautifully embroidered table cloth which the new owner quilted and it looked wonderful.
 The quilting on Jill's beautiful quilt was done by Terina, who quilted my recent finish.

 This lovely handpieced quilt was done by Michelle. So many stars!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Some progress..

I have been enjoying my stitching lately. The next block of Here There and Everywhere came and I just had to start. It is such fun to do.
I finished off my cross stitch last week. I did enjoy making this very much. Now to decide if I will invest in the buttons that decorate it or leave them off. 

 There has been a little hand quilting being done on this Marg Low Christmas quilt. I am also very slowly quilting Scandinavian Rose.
 I also spent a few evenings stitching the binding on My Town. This quilt just needs a label and it will be all finished.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Lovely to see great work at the shop last Wednesday. It is so motivating to see everyone's progress.
Lynda is doing an amazing job on this tree skirt for her little grandie. She is using a quilt pattern by Bunny Hill Designs and adapting it.

 Roni is always amazing us with her wonderful Christmas finishes!

 Lovely to see Lynn back at the evening class, She was working on the binding on this beautiful sewing pouch. It is a design by Lynette Anderson.

 I have some progress too. I did do some minutes in the sewing room and sewed together this little Christmas quilt and then hand quilted it. It is a pattern in a book, Festive Stitches, by Marg Low.
 This BOM, My Town, from the Homespun magazine has been professionally quilted and now is ready for binding. It was in the magazine years ago and the blocks were done each month but then all progress stopped. So good to have it at this stage. Thank you Terina for the beautiful quilting.