Monday, November 26, 2018

Nice work...

It was great, as usual, to see some lovely work at stitching last week. Beth has finished her lovely punch needle bag. It is a great pattern by Anni Downs.
 In the evening, it was so exciting to see Sue's lovely quilt. She has made this one of Anni Downs' patterns for her little granddaughter. I just love the Tilda fabric used in this quilt.

 Sam has been drawing again! This fellow is a robot who has x's all over him. Sam tells me that the implements in his hands are cooking tools and he makes x biscuits. When they cool, they turn into bricks that can be then built into towers! Amazing imagination!
 I have a little finish to share too. These are from an Anni Downs' pattern too. They were such fun to make with gorgeous woven wool felt.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Stitching away....

Lovely to have a bit of time to stitch over the last few weeks. It was fun as always to work on my Here There and Everywhere block. Here is block 6.
Here is a closeup of my version of the map of France, highlighting some of the places we have visited.
Finally.....after many months, I put together row 1 of Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs. It hardly took any time to do so will have to do the other rows!
 I loved doing this stitchery from the lovely book. A yeear of Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi.
 These little stitcheries were already done so it was great to make them up.
 This one had been stitched too!
 I loved stitching this cross stitch and now it is ready to display this Christmas. Thanks. Roni, for the woolly edging! It worked perfectly.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hobbysew party

Hobbysew held the first Christmas party of the season last Friday night. It was a fun night with great specials, yummy food and some lovely show and tell. Great to see so many ladies and to see their finishes or works in progress. Terrie went first and showed us her lovely Seaside Town quilt. She is quilting it now.
 I don't know everyone's names but just enjoy their show and tell.

Well done everyone. It was so motivating seeing these lovely projects.

Monday, November 12, 2018


So inspiring to see what the girls were all making at class last week. Makes you want to get stitching. Jayne has been having a go at punch needle this term along with a few of the other girls. She started the punch needle one week and here is the bag all done already! Looks so good.
 In the evening, Margaret showed us her gorgeous finishes! She used some Theodora Cleave buttons and some other types to create these lovely hangings.

 She also made up a cross stitch she had completed earlier.
 Paddy has also made these great little cushions as gifts. I did a class for the Pink ladies a few weeks ago and made two little cushions, one with felt and one with stitching. Nice to see Paddy using the reindeer by himself. Might need to make some of these too.
The day with the Pink ladies was lovely but I didn't take any photos. Thanks Jenny and your committee for organising the day. Here are the projects that they made.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Lovely to see some finishes last Wednesday. We all loved Barbara's framed stitcheries!

 Beth has already finished her Part 6 of Here, There and Everywhere. Looks amazing.
 I managed to make up my other 3 Santa cushions. I am pleased with how these turned out.

 I have started Part 6 too. This is such fun.
 Just can't help showing off Sam's lovely drawings! So great so see him enjoying colouring and drawing.