Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Christmas decorations

I have just spent hours of the last few days decorating the house for Christmas. I have so many decorations and it takes so long to put everything around the house and to decorate the tree. It is almost done!
I finished this lovely decoration for a gift (I think) this week. The painted decoration in the centre is one of Barb's at Theodora Cleave. The way it is mounted is from a pattern by Marg Low and I bought the pattern and decorations from Marg. I am very pleased with it and hope to have time to do the others in my stash as gifts (or perhaps for me).
I have also had fun stitching this lovely Christmas stitchery. It is a stamp belonging to Linda and she suggested I have some fun with the stamped fabric. Just realised that I haven't stitched the tree trunk!

Friday, November 27, 2009

More Show and Tell and a little Christmas table topper

Angela, from social stitching, has made a lovely cushion using the design from Anni Downs' book we have been doing in class this term. She has used totally different fabrics and different stitching methods to create a special result.
Barbara has made this great door hanger for a gift for a special boy and it looks so good. It is from Anni's Boy Story book. You can turn the sign over and there is a different one.
Barbara has also finished the bookmark. It will make such a nice gift.
I have a finish to show too. I bought this pattern at Anni's shop earlier in the year and have finally made one of the Xmas Table toppers. Can't wait to make the other one. It has a tree in the centre. I really love working with felt. Hobbysew has lots of lovely felt now which is very handy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Show and Tell at Social stitching

Judy brought along this quilt top she bought in Darwin. They make up people's scraps into quilts and sell them for charity. The scrappy pattern is really good and would be fun the make. The black fabric certainly makes the animal fabrics stand out.
Shirley came to the Christmas day on Sunday and had finished her painted heart decoration. Hasn't she done a great job?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday's Class

We had the second Christmas class at the shop on Monday and there were 8 lovely ladies busy stitching, painting and enjoying a day out. I had my camera but didn't take a photo of the ladies which is a shame. Early in the day Lorraine showed me the finished items she made from the Floriade day we had last term. She made the little miniature carpet of flowers into an exquisite tape measure cover. It is so beautiful with beads around the edge and lovely stitching.
On the back, Lorraine, stitched her initial as well.
She had also completed her scissor keeper from the previous class. Well done, Lorraine. They are just so lovely.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lovely stitching, a completed scissor fob and a BOM started

Carol is making these lovely book marks from the book we are doing in class this term, " The world as it should be" by Anni Downs. They have been beautifully appliqued onto felt ready to finish.
Carol is also working on this nativity applique from a Nancy Halverson book. I just love these fabrics and would love to do this one too. It is so motivating to see what the girls are making.
I searched in my beads "department" and found these little wooden beads! I must have been hoarding them for many years and now I have found a use for a few of them. I will be able to share them with my class next year when we make this in our Term 1 classes.
Lastly, I have been very naughty and started another stitchery BOM. I know I promised not to start another until the other ones are made up but I HAD to have something to stitch and have always wanted to make this quilt in Annie Downs' book, A gardener's Journal. We had fun at class the other night working out which one of these girls represented each of us!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wednesday evening

Danielle had been busy getting her Christmas projects completed ready for this year. This is the lovely stitched hanger from one of Nancy Halverson's books.
She has also almost finished her card hanging as well.
Sue has finished her cushion from the "The World as it should be" book by Anni Downes. It looks so good and I love the covered buttons. Sue used a Nancy Halverson tea towel to make the cushion.
Margaret has been working on some lovely little Christmas decorations to give as gifts.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wonderful Giveaway

Helen from Hugs and Kisses is having a fabulous giveaway of her latest BOM pattern, Life is Beautiful. Here it is.
It has wonderful thoughts, stitcheries and appliques about life. I had to think of a special thought about life and chose to use "always look on the bright side of life". I am an optimist and do try to remember the good things in life and try to see the bright side.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wednesday afternoon

Sue brought another lovely stitched folder to class today and we were all so envious. This is the front. It even has my initial on it!
This is the inside. Isn't it lovely? Sue was telling us that she bought some of the fabric at a shop in Paris. What a lovely memory of a special shop.
Jenny was also using this special little thread bag that Sue had made for her.
Anne are making the lovely doll, Dimity, designed by Laraine from Up in Annies room. Here is Anne painting her shoes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday at the shop and the extra stitcher's angel gift

It is always so lovely each week to see what the ladies have done at social stitching in the morning. Marilyn has completed her beautiful table runner using a kit prepared at Hobbysew. It looks so good and Marilyn has done a fantastic job.

Marianela opened her gift from my Stitcher's angel as well and this what was in the package. Gladys was so generous to both of us. Marianela also translated my letter from Gladys and it was so nice to hear what she has said. If you are reading this, Gladys, I do love my gifts and you have stitched them so well. Thank you.
At my class in the afternoon, the ladies were all busy getting ready for Christmas and Jill has completed 2 of the little stitched stockings. Don't they look lovely? She is an expert at the stitches now!
Jill has also finished this delightful stocking for her granddaughter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Works in progress

I am so pleased with the felt pincushion, needlecase and almost finished scissor keeper from the pattern "Bluebirds in the Hedgerow". I just need to find some beads for the scissor keeper to finish it off.
I have still been working slowly on the piecing of this quilt and have been adding a row when I have time. I only have 2 more to go!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Friday's Christmas class

On Friday I had 8 lovely ladies do the first Christmas day at Hobbysew. Here they are getting straight down to work.
All the ladies painted the wooden button and some even painted several! Here are Jo and Marion painting.
One of the ladies brought along her finished biscornu, from the Stitching day, to show me. Doesn't it look wonderful? The button in the centre is just perfect.
Patricia had this absolutely beautifully beaded needlecase with her.
This is the inside. It was so neat and all perfectly labelled so you would know which needle was which! Oh, if only my needlecase looked like this.
Patricia's initials are beautifully embroidered inside the lid. I did try to suggest that they looked a little like mine! Najelle and Cathy prepared a delicious morning tea, lunch and some lovely fruit for afternoon tea. We were very spoilt.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some of Wednesday afternoon's finished projects

It is always lovely to see how many things the Wednesday afternoon class are getting finished. They have been working very hard and seem to have lots to show each week. This is Sue's hand towel.
Sue has also completed her cushion. She used a teatowel for the background fabric and the colour looks great.
This is Maxine's cushion (sorry it is blurry) and it looks great too. I love her choice of buttons as well.
You saw Marianne's table runner last week and here is Vicki's. It is very effective and her choice of colours work so well.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fabulous Stitcher's angel parcel

It was so exciting to receive this parcel in the mail yesterday from my very generous Stitcher's angel, Gladys, from Argentina! She was so kind and made me so many lovely gifts. I was and still am overwhelmed.
This was the letter sent in Spanish! As I don't read spanish I will have to wait to catch up with my lovely translator, Marianela, so she can tell my what Gladys has said.
Gladys even included some gifts for Marianela as she helped me to translate some emails earlier on. How kind is that?
There was this lovely decoration made with felt.
There were some lovely little "smelly" parcels.
Then there were all these lovely gifts, The beautiful stitched needlecase, the scissor keeper, some threads, some gorgeous wooden buttons and some special serviettes.
And that's not all! Gladys also made this lovely bag and this great journal.
I feel so lucky and privileged to have such a special Stitcher's angel. Thank you so much, Gladys.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More of Sue's knitted dolls

Here are 3 more of the lovely knitted dolls that Sue has made for her grandies. What lucky kids.

A lovely package arrived yesterday from my special Stitcher's angel, Gladys, from far across the sea! Will post some pictures tomorrow. I am off soon to teach the Christmas class at Hobbysew. It should be a fun day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stitcher's angel gifts received and some show and tell

Just heard from Cheryl-Lee and she has received her stitcher's angel gifts from me. Here they are and I did add some Roses chocolates too. Hope they hadn't melted as they went to such a warm place. I am so glad Cheryl-Lee is enjoying them.
As always, we had a lovely time on Wednesday at stitching. Jan is finishing off this great quilt for her grandson, Josh.
I told you all about visiting AK Traditions in Melbourne recently and here is little Nathaniel holding the body of one of their lovely dolls. His grandma, Sue, knitted it for her daughter, Audrey.
Here she is. Sue is a lovely knitter but came this morning for a crochet lesson. I had forgotten how easy it is though not so easy to teach! Sue is doing really well and will be able to crochet the little flowers for the clothes soon.
Here are her gorgeous clothes. Makes me want to knit though it is a bit warm here at the moment for knitting.