Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stitcher's angel gifts received and some show and tell

Just heard from Cheryl-Lee and she has received her stitcher's angel gifts from me. Here they are and I did add some Roses chocolates too. Hope they hadn't melted as they went to such a warm place. I am so glad Cheryl-Lee is enjoying them.
As always, we had a lovely time on Wednesday at stitching. Jan is finishing off this great quilt for her grandson, Josh.
I told you all about visiting AK Traditions in Melbourne recently and here is little Nathaniel holding the body of one of their lovely dolls. His grandma, Sue, knitted it for her daughter, Audrey.
Here she is. Sue is a lovely knitter but came this morning for a crochet lesson. I had forgotten how easy it is though not so easy to teach! Sue is doing really well and will be able to crochet the little flowers for the clothes soon.
Here are her gorgeous clothes. Makes me want to knit though it is a bit warm here at the moment for knitting.

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