Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 Over the last few weeks I have been busy binding some quilts. I am also slowly hand quilting my Stitch Therapy 365 quilt. Here is the Simple life all bound and labelled.

This is the United Stitches quilt all bound and labelled.

I am now binding my very old project, Fairy Kisses.
Om Wednesday night, Margaret brought her beautiful quilt to show us. It is Natalie Birds' Willlowbrook Farm BOM. It looks so lovely. Here are some sections as it was too hard to get a picture of the whole quilt.

She even used some scraps in the pieced back.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Great weekend away

 Every year the Thursday group heads to the coast for a retreat. I missed it last year as it was the start of Covid and I sadly had a cold! So it was good to go this year. There was a lovely swim (even me), too much good food, games, puzzles for some and even stitching. We stayed in a great house in Mollymook and were blessed with perfect weather on Saturday. It rained on Sunday but that didn't dampen our enjoyment. We enjoyed fish and chips in Batemans Bay and it was interesting to see the new bridge next to the old one.

This was our view from the house.
On Monday we headed up to Milton for morning tea and a bit of a browse in some of the shops.

We then stopped for lunch at Braidwood and I enjoyed looking and perhaps purchasing something from the Altenburg Gallery. I was tempted to buy myself an early birthday gift!! We also enjoyed looking at the Textiles on display. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Lovely day out

 It was lovely to catch up with Ma on Tuesday. She came to town with a friend and then we picked her up and had a nice day together. We visited the National Library and enjoyed seeing some amazing dresses that have been inspired by the beautiful floral watercolours by Ellis Rowan. She was born in 1848 and painted many of the paintings in the early 1900s.

She also travelled to New Guinea and painted the beautiful birds found there. They are wonderfully detailed.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Stitching away

 I feel like the time flies and not much gets done but there are some slow projects on the go! My tree skirt is getting there slowly. I am not too motivated though I do like it. Anyway here are a few more houses. I know I will enjoy decorating it with stitching soon.

I have enjoyed this cross stitch sampler and it now has its beads. Needs a frame of course.
My quilts, 5 of them, have just come back from the quilter. Two were tacked for hand quilting and 3 were quilted all over.  So The Simple Life needed a label.
I have been binding the United Stitches quilt and it is nearly done.
I also started hand quilting the Stitch Therapy 365 quilt. This will take a while.
Jayne had made a gorgeous pin cushion recently. It is just lovely.
Finally....for the bird lovers, another of hubby's gorgeous pictures