Saturday, March 6, 2021

Stitching away

 I feel like the time flies and not much gets done but there are some slow projects on the go! My tree skirt is getting there slowly. I am not too motivated though I do like it. Anyway here are a few more houses. I know I will enjoy decorating it with stitching soon.

I have enjoyed this cross stitch sampler and it now has its beads. Needs a frame of course.
My quilts, 5 of them, have just come back from the quilter. Two were tacked for hand quilting and 3 were quilted all over.  So The Simple Life needed a label.
I have been binding the United Stitches quilt and it is nearly done.
I also started hand quilting the Stitch Therapy 365 quilt. This will take a while.
Jayne had made a gorgeous pin cushion recently. It is just lovely.
Finally....for the bird lovers, another of hubby's gorgeous pictures

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