Saturday, December 27, 2014


I have been stitching over December but some were gifts so I couldn't share them. Here are some little decorations that I made to send off to some dear friends and to give away as well.

I loved making this little bauble by Anni Downs and NEED to make me one in the New year as this one was posted away as a gift.

Hobbysew is offering Natalie Bird's gorgeous BOM and I offered to make a few blocks for the sample. This is block 3! 
 I did manage to finish little Alice's stocking in time for Santa.
 These little cross stitch trees (from Fiona's pattern from our stitching day) were great fun and quick to stitch.
 I started this free pattern by Red Brolly in early December thinking I might make a few! Only one has been done as there is much more stitching than anticipated.

Christmas day in Sydney

It was very special to be in Sydney for Christmas as Old Pa (Bruce's dad) has been very ill in hospital. He came out on Christmas eve and joined us for Christmas even though he wasn't at all well. After a quiet day yesterday he is slowly regaining a little strength.
Christmas was busy but a delight and so special to share it with the extended family. Our children and the boys and Alice all came too which was lovely. Here are some pictures. The first is of those who were at lunch without Alice (who was asleep) and Bruce.
 The boys loved seeing Old Pa and Old Ma!

I hope you had a wonderful day too. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas at our house

We had our family Christmas early this year as we are off to Sydney today. Best get packed!
We had a lovely time with the littlies and dinner was yummy and hectic! The boys thought getting presents was very good! Here are just a few photos.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I haven't shared any of the little people for a while. They are such fun. Little Alice is 6 months old now and is starting to sit up and is much more interested in what is happening around her. The little men are speaking so much more and just make us laugh so much.

 Here are the 3 of them playing with their feet. Don't the boys look enormous!

 We had a family afternoon tea and swim here yesterday and it was a lovely time.

 The boys loved playing with their 2nd cousins, Lois and Phoebe.

Lots more family partying still to go!!!!