Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stitching on the Lake

Fiona and I have been busy over the last few weeks creating, cutting and making kits for our Stitching on the Lake days. The first day is coming up in just 6 sleeps! So exciting to show you our projects. Here are the stitched felt decorations to hang on your tree.
 This decoration is a little bigger and can be hung on the wall. It was fun to create using English paper piecing. Don't forget to bring your glue pen if you like to use one to do your paper piecing. Hobbysew is coming with a lovely stall and will bring some in case you need any supplies.
 This "All Hearts come home for Christmas" cushion lets you use your favourite small prints to create your little row of houses. Don't forget your fusible web.
Here is a little Christmas stitching bag, complete with coloured houses and stitchery. It is just the right size to put all your Christmas stitching into or would make a great gift bag too.
This gorgeous canvas work  decoration will look wonderful on your tree. The colours used are 221, 680, 936 and ecru.
Finally, this lovely Christmas stocking will look great decorating your tree.
Lynne, our wonderful caterer, is planning some delicious treats for us to enjoy on the day. It would be such  a help if you would bring your favourite mug with you. Must remember to put a mug on my list too!

Gorgeous runner

Sue came to class last Wednesday night with her runner, from the retreat in August, all finished. Looks wonderful Sue. Well done.
Best get organised to show the pictures of the projects for Stitching on the Lake which is on next weekend, 2 November. Can't wait to share another lovely day of stitching with everyone.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gorgeous scenery

Kay Haerland taught a class on landscapes in patchwork at Galong. The results are amazing. Here are just a few of them and all the ladies are in the picture below. They are works in progress but the choices of fabric are amazing and you can see how good they will look once they are stitched and embellished.

Aren't they all very clever. Kay is hiding in the middle of the photo.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Galong weekend

Last weekend I had the privilege of being asked to teach at the Galong patchwork retreat. It was lovely to meet some new ladies and to share a relaxing weekend away. I had 6 ladies in my class which was very realxing. They were very clever too and the new stitchers caught on very quickly. Hazel has stitched before and did finish the front of her zippered purse.
 Julie did so well and enjoyed all the hand stitching.
 Here is Pam busy stitching.
 Three of my night girls came too and had a go at all sorts of projects while they were away. Deanna had a very successful go at canvas work.
 She also made a lovely bright front to the stash bag (Remember that pattern Fiona?). The original did look quite different.
 She also had a go with a special "Squedge" ruler. You can see the block she made in the group photo below.
Linda worked on this little painted house and background and it looks lovely. Great choice of fabrics, Linda.
 Here is a closeup of Hazel's finished stitchery.
 Anita worked on this table centre....I think we did it quite a few years ago at a stitching day..... Looks great, doesn't it?
 Here are the ladies with their works in progress except for Pam who naughtily packed her work.
 Hazel worked on the painted house too as did Julie but I didn't get a picture of her cute house.
It was a very busy weekend for some of the ladies as they made whole quilt tops. There were several other teachers teaching a variety of techniques and patterns. These quilts are very effective and make a real feature of the fabric. Maggi Shingles taught this class and the ladies could also work on their own UFOs.

A couple of ladies were doing some scrap booking. Di was making these lovely Santas!
 The class next door to us, with Jennifer Gimbert, were working  on free motion applique where you stitch the appliqued pieces down with several rows of straight stitch. Looked like fun. They were working on a pattern by Monica Poole.

Some of the ladies were making quick clever quilts too. How good do these look? The one below looks like it on point but it isn't.

Kay Haerland also came to teach her amazing landscapes. I'll share some of those tomorrow.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A bit of stitching, kits and some toys

Shirley has been so busy finishing off some lovely Christmas decorations. She has just completed her mini bunting from last year's stitching day.
 She is also making some lovely red stitcheries for another hanging. How cute are these?
 So hard to keep all the stitching day projects a secret but thought I would give you a sneak peak of this one! I have been stitching after all! I have packed a bit in my stitching bag for the weekend in Galong! Looking forward to a lovely time of friendship and stitching (and no cooking etc).
 I have been busy this week putting together some kits and cutting lots of fabric for the other kits. Only 2 weeks till the first stitching day so there are lots of things to do.

 Just thought I would share this photo with you. This is my eldest daughter with her soft toys when she was about 3. Her little sister ( Benny and Sammy's mum) wasn't even born yet. We got this picture out because I finally got down the boxes of toys I had kept to see what was stored away. There are so many special toys in the boxes and some are a bit sad. So hard to know what to do with memorabilia! Might keep some for the grandies to play with and then photograph the rest.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not much stitching....a few pictures of the boys

The last week has been busy again. We had a lovely Saturday celebrating our brother-in -law's special birthday and also had Ma and Pa and Deirdre and Paul come for lunch before the party. It was very special as they were able to spend some time with the little men in between their sleeps. So lovely to see little Benny with "old" Pa, playing with one of Mummy's old toys.

 Ma had some lovely cuddles too but we didn't get a good picture of her.
 Paul and Deirdre with Benny....and a whisk!

 The little boys came to visit another day too when it was warm (as Benny has a singlet on). They are into everything especially Sammy!

The only stitching this week has been a bit of secret stitching for the stitching days and also some kit making. Looking forward to heading to Galong on Friday for the patchwork retreat. Perhaps I will have some stitching to share after the weekend.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A busy week

I can't believe a week has gone by since I have last posted. The past week has been busy with a few different things. Last Thursday we popped up to Sydney for a quick visit to Ma and Pa. It as very nice to see some of the family for dinner too on Thursday night. I had a bit of stitching to catch up on Ma's quilt. There were a few new great grandchildren and some new husbands to add to the quilt. It has Ma and Pa in the centre and then their children's names around them and so on.
 We came back on Saturday afternoon and then went out for a delightful dinner to celebrate Garrick's special birthday. You might recognise Garrick and Annemarie as we had a lovely time in France with them earlier this year.
 Then at work on Tuesday it was so lovely to see Judy's wonderful hexagon quilt. How amazing is this quilt! Judy cuts all the papers, tacks them and hand stitches every single hexagon.

 I have been busy stitching some secret things for the Stitching on the Lake days in November. Only a few weeks to go till the first of our days. There are still some places left on the 23 November if you are interested in having a lovely day of stitching, delicious food and 6 special Christmas projects! Fiona has put a few pictures of our days earlier this year. Email me or Fiona if you are would like to hear about the stitching day.
I have done a little more stitching on these lovely little bags by Anni Downs. Here are 2 that are finished.
 And three more that are ready to be made up.

 The other job that is being done at the moment is some pattern and kit making for the retreat at Galong in just a few weeks. Looking forward to that weekend very much.
 These little fellows have been a delight over the past week as well!

 Here is Sammy admiring some canvas work!