Sunday, March 29, 2020

Hi from isolation

Hasn't it been a crazy week? I always like staying home but this is ridiculous! I am so missing my social events. Thankfully we have social media to keep us in touch. We have even had church online with Zoom! We do live in amazing times. I have found it hard to get motivated and seem to take so long to get going on these days of plenty of time! I have been working on some of my projects. The top border of Fairy Kisses is done and I have started the bottom one.

 This stitchery label came with the BOM and it is ready for when the quilt is finished. Note the start date of 2004!
 I have been meaning to crochet another dishcloth. Here it is.
 I have also started a sleeveless jacket for Miss Alice. This is the In Threes pattern, which I have made several times before.
 Couldn't resist this free Moda Village pattern. I am planning to do it with only scraps if possible.

 My hexi flowers have all been hand pieced. I placed them roughly on the sewing room floor to see how they look. I have some aqua fabric to use in between the flowers, which I hope will look OK.
Hope you are all enjoying some quality stitching time in these difficult times. We are not even seeing the grandchildren now which is hard!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Stitching progress....

It is a crazy world here at the moment. I hope you are all well and not too distressed but the news! We have had to cancel our trip away this year as we were going on 20th April. It is disappointing but better than going and then having to rush back. I have a little cold and feel embarrassed to sniffle! Still, it is time we can use to stitch if we are stuck at home. I have managed to do a bit! I bound and labelled the Splendid Sampler a few weeks ago.

 I have been loving hand piecing these large hexagons to frame the Natalie Bird stitchery panel.

 My slow old project, Fairy Kisses, is getting there. I am about to do the last big borders!

I have also had so much fun crocheting the Tendril shawl by Anni Design Crochet. It is a free pattern on her blog or you can purchase a print friendly version in UK terms from Ravelry. It needs blocking but I am please with it and the ball of wool (located in my stash) worked so well.
 Social stitching at Hobbysew is being cancelled from now on due to the dreaded virus! Last week we saw a little show and tell. Paddy has made this gorgeous jumper and hat ready for her little grandson.

 Roni has been busy too and made these lovely cross stitch pillows. She changed the colours on the second one. I wish I had thought to do this on my one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ma comes to visit

We have had a lovely few days with Ma visiting. She saw the balloons, we enjoyed several meals out, saw all the great grandchildren, went shopping and had a morning tea picnic at the park with some of the children. It was quite a busy time!

 Yesterday we went on an adventure on the tram! We rode to Gungahlin, had lunch and then rode back.

 Little miss came over after school and spent some time with Old Ma and even had a swim (it wasn't very warm in the water).

Thursday, March 5, 2020

A new start...and a weekend at the coast

I very naughtily started something new. I NEEDED something to stitch so began these Natalie Bird stitcheries They were printed on so were very easy to start. The quilt that you make with the stitcheries is made with hexagons but using a size that isn't readily available. So, thanks to some good advice, I am hand piecing them and really enjoying the process. I am mostly using my leftover stash of Nancy Halverson fabrics.
 We headed to Lake Tabourie on the weekend for our church camp. It was lovely weather but it was a shock to see the fire damage on the Clyde Mountain. Amazingly the tree ferns are all growing again and many trees are sprouting new growth. Many swam though I thought it was a bit too cool.