Sunday, March 29, 2020

Hi from isolation

Hasn't it been a crazy week? I always like staying home but this is ridiculous! I am so missing my social events. Thankfully we have social media to keep us in touch. We have even had church online with Zoom! We do live in amazing times. I have found it hard to get motivated and seem to take so long to get going on these days of plenty of time! I have been working on some of my projects. The top border of Fairy Kisses is done and I have started the bottom one.

 This stitchery label came with the BOM and it is ready for when the quilt is finished. Note the start date of 2004!
 I have been meaning to crochet another dishcloth. Here it is.
 I have also started a sleeveless jacket for Miss Alice. This is the In Threes pattern, which I have made several times before.
 Couldn't resist this free Moda Village pattern. I am planning to do it with only scraps if possible.

 My hexi flowers have all been hand pieced. I placed them roughly on the sewing room floor to see how they look. I have some aqua fabric to use in between the flowers, which I hope will look OK.
Hope you are all enjoying some quality stitching time in these difficult times. We are not even seeing the grandchildren now which is hard!

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FIONA said...

All looks great Sylvia - crazy times indeed ! But it is good to put this time to good use and be thankful for the never-ending UFO's and piles of supplies we have accumulated over the years (which will never see us have idle hands). Take care xxx