Monday, February 20, 2023

Another cruise

 We seem to be cruising a lot lately. We recently went on a 9 night cruise to Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart. It was so relaxing with plenty of time to stitch but there were too many books to read in the amazing library. That's my kind of ship. It was the first time that we have cruised on Celebrity cruises and we were impressed. Good food, a very comfy cabin and great weather. My photos have loaded upside down so let's do Hobart first. For some reason there was a fuss walking off the ship so not heaps of time in Hobart. We wandered around and enjoyed the Maritime Museum.

We had two days in Adelaide. On the second day we went on a boat trip up the river which was very interesting. 

We also visited the Maritime Museum here. It was a lovely museum and I was very interested in this type of cabin used in migrant ships in the 50s. I think I may have been in one similar.
In contrast this was what the bunks looked like in the 1800s for the many migrants.

Bruce also went to the cricket while I shopped on our first day. We also visited the Adelaide Museum which is a really lovely one. It has a lovely William Morris room which was delightful.

In Melbourne we took the tram into the city and visited the Museum too.

I loved these tapestries.

We did go to one show with aerialists which was great.
A few views from the ship and the library and pools.

Our views leaving Sydney and then returning.