Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Weekend in Tumut

 A few weeks ago we headed to Tumut with the family and stayed in the caravan park. We had 2 lovely days but the night there was very cold and we didn't realise we could get extra blankets. I had the electric blanket on 3 and still felt cold! Still the days, though chilly, were good fun. We arrived on Saturday and had lunch at the local brewery. We then had a nice afternoon checking out the river and the playground at the camping ground. 

There were even toasted marshmallows.
On Sunday we headed to the Yarangobilly caves. They were gorgeous! I got very puffed out waking up all the stairs but made it in the end.

We then did the river walk and had our packed lunch near the river.
We arrived at the warm spring pools and some of us went in. It was warm in but only 8 degrees out of the pool. The climb back up to the car park was tough!!

Here are some lovely scenery shots. It is a very pretty place.

Friday, June 4, 2021


 A few weeks ago the big boys had their assembly. It was lovely to see after not seeing any last year. The photos need to be shown even if they aren't very good taken from a distance.

Little miss had her assembly last week and it was a delight. Again, the photos are a bit fuzzy but worth recording. She was one of the three mad scientists.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Botticelli to Van Gogh

 Last week we headed to the National Gallery to see the Botticelli to Van Gogh Exhibition. It was well worth the visit. Here are a few of my favourite paintings.