Friday, March 14, 2014

Hong Kong

We have had a very interesting few days in Hong Kong. It is a fascinating place and we have managed to ride on lots of different forms of public transport and have seen some great sights. On Tuesday we walked a lot and rode the star ferry to try and visit the History Museum. Sadly it was closed on Tuesdays so we headed to the lady markets instead. We have tried lots of different food too which has been very interesting.

On Wednesday we took the Turbojet Ferry to Macau. We ended up going on the Hop on Hop off bus which was a good way to see the sights easily. It was very interesting to see the old Portuguese centre, the ruins of St Paul's and the Mount Fortress. 

The sun shone a little on Thursday so we took the opportunity to go to the Peak so see the view. It was very spectacular. Even the local bus trip was well worth the ride! We came back down on the Peak Tram which was quite an experience. The photo doesn't do it justice but it was very steep!

 These primary boys were asking tourists about themselves and what they liked about Hong Kong. Their english was very good and it was fun to answer their questions.
 This is the very steep peak tram.


Susan said...

Looks like an amazing time.. You are such a jet setter lately!

Anonymous said...

What lovely pics Sylvia so glad you had a lovely time.xx