Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

We headed to Sydney for Christmas lunch. Thanks to Deirdre and Paul, we had a lovely meal and afternoon enjoying Christmas day. All our family came so it was great to enjoy the little men again. Of course they have the most photos. We did manage to get one of our family and also Deirdre and Paul's family too as they arrived to enjoy another meal in the evening. We headed back to Ma and Pa's and Bruce and I also popped over to see my brother and his wife and some of his family. Here we all are. The smiles are really good as Uncle Paul decided to act like a crazy man behind the camera!
 It was lovely to get some photos of this little family too.

 Pa managed the day fairly well but it does wear him out. Ma, of course, enjoyed it all.
 Here are Deirdre and Paul and their lovely family all back together again as some have been travelling recently. So special to meet little Joshua for the first time!
 The little boys had a lovely time and were very busy as usual. Great to have lots of young helpers, like Emma, to keep them amused. Benny loved seeing his reflection in the spoons.

 There were presents too!

 Sammy enjoyed trying out Pa's walking stick!
It was a very special Christmas day.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome day Sylvia,its always special times with family.xx

FloS said...

I can see you had a wonderful Christmas !!
I send you my best wishes for a new year full of happiness and love !

KarenG said...

Oh what beautiful family photos and memories at this very special time of year. Xx Karen

KarenG said...
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