Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ben and Sam come for dinner

We usually have family dinner on Monday nights and last Monday our little grandies came to visit! It was lovely to have them here for family dinner. Here is little Ben who is now more than 3 1/2 kilos!

 Little Sam is growing too and is about 3.2 kgs which is very good. Here he is with Auntie Lyndal.
 The little hand near Sam belongs his brother. I think he wanted to hit Sammy in head!
They were supposed to go back to sleep but stayed awake and we were able to have cuddles. Ma and Pa and several others family members are coming to Canberra to see the boys today. Best go and get organised!


Anonymous said...

they are doing so well ,such handsome boys there Sylvia,enjoy your day with family.xx

FIONA said...

Sooooo gorgeous Sylvia - what a lucky nanna you are!! Have a lovely time with Ma and Pa and all the family! Hope the boys behave!! xx