Monday, October 15, 2012


Our next ports of call were in Tahiti after 5 relaxing days at sea. We visited Papeete first on September 27,  and had a lovely wander around the town.
 The markets were very colourful with lots of hand made goodies, fresh fruit and vegies and flowers.

 This park was so lush and tropical.
 The locals were very friendly.

 We took a bus tour which took us to this black sand beach which is also where there is a monument to remember Captain Cook and when he came to view the transit of Venus.
 These rapids and the waterfall were spectacular.

 We also went to a blow hole but it wasn't anything like the one in Kiama on the south coast of NSW. We then headed to Bora Bora overnight. These gorgeous photos were taken from the ship.

 We took a local bus to this gorgeous beach and enjoyed a lovely swim.

 We then walked all the way to Bloody Mary's to catch the bus back. It was a lot further than expected.
 Bloody Mary's is a bar and restaurant that is very famous and many celebrities have been here. The board on the right of the entry lists some of the special guests.
 We then headed back to the ship and sailed away to our next stop which was Samoa.


FloS said...

It looks like paradise !!

Suedio said...

Thanks so much for sharing your photos and stories Sylvia. It's lovely to see other parts of the world . . . :)