Monday, December 19, 2011

Yummy lunch and more decorations

It is raining and dull here today but last Thursday was a beautiful day. We had a delicious lunch at Marion's in Tuggeranong on her deck and it was warm! 

 Dessert was an array of delicious goodies!
 The view was amazing.
 Here are two of my favourite Christmas quilts.

 Here is a tree with some cute little bears.
What a lovely time of year. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Lyndal and Nick's place on Sunday and then sang carols at "Carols in the Park" which became Carols in the church courtyard due to a little rain. Must get some bits and pieces finished, wrap some gifts and cook some goodies!


FloS said...

I love Anni Downs Christmas quilt too !

Penny said...

Lovely to see pics of the Thurs group, looks like you had some good weather at last. Missing you all lots, happy Christmas to everyone.