Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some progress

It has been lovely to have some quiet days at home to get into some sewing...especially some machining. I made the last 2 tiny pieced stars for Christmas Fun and the last block is done.
Here are all the blocks ready to be sewn together and then the borders added. I didn't like making the stars but they do look lovely in this quilt. 
 I have progressed with my SKOW quilt. Today is the last day and I have done the jeans.
 I am part way to finishing the piecing between the blocks.
 And here is the suitcase. I left the places as they were as I have been to all of them fairly recently.
I hope to do a bit more work this afternoon and start cutting the border pieces. I hope everyone has a fun New Year even if it is just at home stitching. Thanks for reading this blog during 2011 and I am looking forward to another year of friends, family, gatherings, holidays and stitching in 2012.


Ros said...

Thanks Sylvia for your lovely blog which I have enjoyed "stalking" during the year! looking forward to more in 2012 - have a great New Year!

Suedio said...

Sylvia, wishing you a wonderful 2012. Stitch on!

Regards, Sue