Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas time

We enjoyed a very special few days celebrating Christmas. On Christmas eve our little family had dinner together and exchanged gifts. We enjoyed a hot meal and yummy dessert and ate far too much! 
 Even the kitten, Dexter, received a little mouse to play with....it is really a pin cushion!

 We were all very spoilt! On Christmas day, after church, we headed to Sydney and some of us had lunch with Ma and Pa. More delicious food and a fabulous pavlova with mango! In the evening we continued to celebrate with the extended family. Here we are with Ma and Pa.
 Here are all of Deirdre and Paul's kids and wives and husbands and one husband-to-be in February.
It was so special to catch up with everyone and to share another great meal. I will need to add the photo of  all of us and the Lamonts as we didn't take those.


Chocolate Cat said...

Great family photos! I have made a pav this morning for a bbq we are going to tonight, think I might put mango on it after reading your post!!

Cardygirl said...

What a lovely special time

Penny said...

Lovely to see Ma and Pa loooking so well, give them my best wiahes for a happy new year, and to you, Bruce and the rest of the famiy.