Friday, March 13, 2009

Two completed blocks

I am a bit busy today as my daughter, Amy, and Gavin are getting married tomorrow! The preparations have gone on for such a long time that it is amazing to think that the time is almost here. I have been baking today and need to do a final tidy and vaccuum and then I think I will be ready. I really needed to try my slice to check if it tasted OK and have a coffee so I thought I would share two blocks that I have completed recently. They are from the "My Home or Yours" BOM  and this is the barn block, which is the 11th one that I have completed. Only one to go. It is a BOM designed by Lynette Anderson and the block under the barn is the block that goes between the house blocks. It is such a lovely quilt.

I have also completed the wedding quilt, label and a card for the kids but can't share those till after the day.

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FIONA said...

Beautiful quilt squares Sylvia and to think you have time to blog the day before the wedding!! So looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! xx