Thursday, May 28, 2009

Works in progress

I have finally put together the front of the stitched cushion that I mentioned a while ago. Now to complete it! It is a pattern by Sally Giblin.
I was rummaging around the other day and found another UFO! I bought this lovely kit when I was on holidays in New Zealand. We went on an amazing cruise around NZ which ended in Auckland. On our last day we had some time to kill before our flight home and I went exploring and discovered an embroidery shop. It had some amazing miniature tapestries which were framed and had been stitched on 40 count silk using 1 strand of DMC thread!!!  I just had to have one and planned to do a small section each month. I think the inspiration lasted for about 9 months as you can see from my work below! 
It is so hard to see and I need to wear my magnifying contraption which makes me look like someone from outer space. It is also counted so quite an effort. Still, it will be wonderful when finished so I must persevere. I can only do it in the daytime and for short periods as it is hard on the eyes.
It will be 10cms by 12.5 cms when finished. I have added it to my Projects list to inspire me to get going.

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