Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stitching progress

I am slowly tidying my bits and pieces from the trip and thought I had best share some recent stitching. This little canvas work was a kit and I took it away with me and managed to stitch it while on holidays. Of course it needs to be stitched together.
I also started the Bareroots advent calendar pattern and have stitching about 8 of the 25 blocks. The pattern also has this little scene with Santa and I thought they would make nice decorations for gifts.
One of my favourite books is "The World as it should be" by Anni Downs, so I stitched 2 more book marks. Might keep one for me this time.
Before my holiday I had started this lovely felt cupcake mat from this delightful book. I thought I was finished on Wednesday and so I showed it to the ladies at stitching and left it as a sample at the shop. I got a little shock when I checked the picture in the book and I hadn't stitched the dots on the candles, the wicks or the flame highlights! I still think it is pretty but fancy forgetting all those details.


catita said...

that canvas kit is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tatkis said...

Wow, all your stitching works are so nice!
And I've received my book "Quilt a gift" just 3 days ago and now trying to decide what project to start first :)

Best wishes,