Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and a celebration

I completely forgot to mention Mother's Day in all the excitement of sharing the stitching day projects. I was very spoilt with a delicious breakfast at Amy's house. Here I am as I open some lovely presents. I received a lovely teapot and new pepper grinder. Mine were very old! Lyndal made delicious pancakes with blueberry sauce! Yum.
At lunch time we were invited to a wonderful celebration for the wedding of Danny and Ayesha. They were actually married on Saturday but as the family is Indian they wanted to celebrate with their "village", or their friends again on Sunday. It was very special. Ayesha's family is partly Indonesian and so there was a small traditional part and Danny's family welcomed their new family members with a gift of silk scarfs. The backyard was beautifully decorated.
Here are the happy couple surrounded by their families. Some of Danny's family came all the way from India to be here for the wedding.

It was a very lovely afternoon and the food was wonderful. A few of us helped with dessert and it were delicious. I wish I had taken a picture as Shirley did such a wonderful job of decorating them.

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Q said...

What a beautiful wedding, there is so much love in the air right now, I keep reading about new relationships, wedding anniversaries, engagements and weddings... It really is lovely!